Canterbury English in Spain offers exciting opportunities for English speaking people (native and bilingual)

Canterbury English in Spain offers exciting opportunities for English speaking people (native and bilingual)

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Country of Job Position: Spain

An energizing life and ensured instructive exercises for all understudies in the English TEFL and Madrid Lifestyle Program (for TEFL proprietors) in Sunny Spain, Great Madrid, Canterbury!

**** Direct Contact:

It is you ...

School Graduates: Are you an ongoing college alumni who needs to take a break before graduating or working together work?

Tired of your work: Are you felt worn out on of the business world, need to seek after another profession and live for you?

English instructor: English educator you as of now have a TEFL or CELTA authentication?

First occupation: Do you fantasy about turning into an ESL educator at 18 years of age?

Retirement: Are you resigning and planning for another test?

Also, ...

Need to travel and meet new individuals?

Need to gain proficiency with another dialect?

Or on the other hand need to appreciate the Spanish way of life in a warm bright atmosphere?

The response to every one of these inquiries is Canterbury English! Canterbury TEFL English Course and Madrid Lifestyle Program (for TEFL proprietors) is the simplest, most efficient and invigorating approach to live and work in Madrid. Here is an aggressive value, social exercises, ensured work!

Why Madrid

Madrid is an energetic capital of Spain with minimal effort of living and present day current vehicle (significant for training).

Alongside the greatest nightlife in Europe, there is a decent variety of individuals and societies.

The excellence of history and customary design is bottomless, giving a perfect domain to living and working.

There is another response to the inquiry: CANTERBURY ENGLISH!

Canterbury English offers energizing chances to show English while encountering thrills in English-talking individuals everything being equal (fundamental and bilingual speakers) abroad. We swear to live as well as to acknowledge, challenge, and urge individuals to live their lives.

It likewise gives security to non-EU part nations living in Spain, by giving understudy visas.

For what reason is it an exceptional open door for me to pick an underwriting as an English instructor in Canterbury Madrid?

TEFL Program

Procure your International TEFL Certificate in Canterbury and you will have the option to instruct substantial paid English courses all through the school year!

Madrid Lifestyle Program

After the primary presentation of the Madrid way of life workshop, we offer class proposition for beginning the workshop this day.

English classes in Madrid

For the Madrid way of life program, classes will before long start in English classes. The instance of the TEFL program starts in the third or fourth seven day stretch of the course, so subsequent to finishing the TEFL course, you are not squandering your reserve funds on the off chance that you are searching for a vocation. This implies there is no employment bid in light of the fact that there is as of now an enlisting! This course is work. We are an English institute and we are doing this since we are utilizing TEFL understudies. Utilized on the principal day of the course to go into an agreement (whenever wanted). On the off chance that you are tried out the program, there are confirmed Canterbury English International Certified TEFL Certificates * and sections that start toward the finish of the course. It's not possible for anyone to win this offer!

* Canterbury is one of the IEF League TEFL projects built up in Spain in 1998 and one of the most seasoned and most established projects in the nation.

How is summer? Canterbury offers incredible open doors for summer days, including the chance to instruct at day camps all through Spain in July and August for the TEFL program and the Madrid way of life program. You can likewise increase important instructive involvement with these day camps.

Reasoning of the TEFL Program

Educator Education Philosophy contains a manual for access and installment by learning! Each TEFL learner needs to show an aggregate of 20 exercises to non-local understudies to acquire a TEFL testament, meeting the necessities of the 120-hour course. This is the biggest number of classes offered in the TEFL program. You will likewise be compensated for showing these courses. Barely any locate a superior circumstance with an apprenticeship!

Contact Information:

Address: Canterbury English, Calle Doctor Esquerdo 112, Bajo F, 28007, Madrid. SPAIN

Contact Email Address:

TEL. Number: +34 637 747 234

Website URL:

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