Grow Green Company in VietNam is looking for seven English teachers - Salary: up to $1600 month(80-100 hours)

Grow Green Company in VietNam is looking for seven English teachers - Salary: up to $1600 month(80-100 hours)

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 3, 2020

Country of Job Position: Viet Nam


Grow Green Vietnam has practical experience in educating English instructors at Vietnamese English schools and focuses.

We are searching for seven English educators from HA TINH, NAM DINH, HA NAM, VINH PHUC, TUYEN QUANG

Nam Dinh is a state on the Hong River Delta in northern Vietnam, around 100 km from Hanoi. The outing by bike or transport endures 2 hours. The educator works in classes of 3-16 years of age, 30 to 35 individuals per day.

The inn is around 60 km from Hanoi. This is for secondary school days, with 30-35 understudies/classes working daytime.

Hanam is around 55 km from Hanoi. The educator works in kindergarten, 20-30 understudies/classes for the duration of the day.

It is arranged in northern Vietnam, encompassed by Nghe An area in the north, Quang Binh region in the south, Laos toward the west and the Baltic Sea toward the east. It is just 12-15 km from Turkey. See tanhai and sunhai sea shores. In Turkey, educators work in state funded schools for one day and at English focuses around evening time. 10-15 understudies/classes in the English Language Center, 30-35 understudies/government funded school classes, understudies 3-16 years of age.

Tuyen Quang is around 200 km from Hanoi with numerous mountains and outside air. It takes around 3 hours via vehicle from Chuenkuan to Hanoi. At Tuyen Quang, the educators work at evening and end of the week English Language Centers. Understudies 3-16 years of age are 10-15 understudies for each class.

Thai Vinh City is around 100 km from Hanoi. Instructors work in English focuses in the evenings and ends of the week. 3-16 years of age understudies 10-15 understudies/class

Prerequisites :

- Nationality: EE. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Scotland, New Zealand

- Humor, fun, kind, dynamic and capable individual.

Start time: on the double, if conceivable, if the educator begins on February 10-25

- Bachelor and Education Certificates (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA). Permit non-graduate instructors however have experience educating English

administration :

- Full information support.

- Free preparing on demand.

- Support: work visa, work visa.

Pay: From $ 1300-1600 every month inside 80-100 hours of the month

- Vietnamese exercise organizer is given

- The property is furnished with cooling, high temp water and WIFI (bike for educators to move from leased houses to class)

- Long term agreement of over a half year.

- Free air terminal get administration, bolster visa, work grant.

- Break at any rate 1 day seven days.

Email "CV, papers, current photograph" to

Hotline: +84971284928

Skype: hieubn89

WhatsApp: +84971284928

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