Teach English in wonderful towns throughout Italy, Austria and Germany during Summer 2020

Teach English in wonderful towns throughout Italy, Austria and Germany during Summer 2020

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Country of Job Position: Italy

Instruct English in the lovely urban areas of Italy, Austria and Germany in the late spring of 2020. Ideal for understudies and graduates, particularly in language and instruction. English Camp Company, L.L.C. Kids' day camps of ages 6-14 are held in English in Italy and Austria.

We train English in an enjoyment day camp condition with games, melodies and exercises. Camps last Monday to Friday, each camp goes on for about fourteen days. Campgrounds have the chance to show abroad, just as absorb the neighborhood culture from having the option to live with their receiving family during the camp. For the individuals who like to meet different societies and meet new individuals, this is a stunning experience. Appreciate an exceptional summer!

For the job of an ECC camp instructor you have to:

Speak to your nation and E.C.C.

It is a move model of outdoors and the friend.

An agreeable and safe condition for outdoors.

Continuously be dynamic and remain positive.

Being social and offering innovation and culture to other people.

The distribution center advisor should:

Have a youthful and acceptable develop mentality to fiery life and work.

Can think in a versatile territory


Open your heart and arrive in a glad disposition.

Be set up to receive another experience and culture not quite the same as you.

18 years of age before June 1, 2020


All candidates require a day camp, class or child rearing experience.

If you don't mind visit our site for more data and application structures.

Contact Information:

Ashleigh Poerio < info@theenglishcampcompany.com >

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