We are searching for Christian English Teachers in Taichung City, Taiwan - NT$45,000-$60,000 per month

We are searching for Christian English Teachers in Taichung City, Taiwan - NT$45,000-$60,000 per month

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Country of Job Position: Taiwan

School designation:

Educate understudies the genuine delight of learning without repetitive exercises, schoolwork, and tests. We don't have a straightforward English school. We spur and engage understudies to have a cozy relationship with God and become a various and cheerful individual.

Statement of purpose:

"Kids begin strolling the way they should take. They don't leave when they develop old." (Pro Words 22: 6)

Full Time Package:

* NT $ 45,000 ~ 60,000 every month, extra excursion reward $ 27,500 toward the finish of the multi month contract.

* Also, the Lunar New Year's 5-day paid get-away.

* Work visa and National Health Insurance.

* Best spot for proficient improvement, instructor workshops in a joint effort with other imaginative educators.

* Christian help condition (help and bolster one another)

* "Truly" compensation for realizing that it has changed the lives of kids and their families.

School and understudies:

* A school that serves God and gives wonder. http://www.jacksonfive.com.tw/teacher/Teachers_Letters.html

* Established a Canadian language school (AD 2000) with a solid educational program.

* Mind not to drop out of class

* Maximum number of class (16 to 20 years of age, 5 to 12 years of age)

* "Truly" understudies who are here and need to appreciate what they are realizing. See the following FB photograph collection.


* We are understudy situated and not parent-arranged.

* A casual communitarian Christian work environment condition.

* Walking good ways from Costco and Decasron IKEA.

Preparing strategies and educational program:

* The objective is to make learning fun.

* Limited number of classes. Instructors can see similar understudies on each mark. At that point they can be developed

Solid associations with understudies.

* Focuses on genuine circumstances, subjects, physical instruction, and English classes of Christian characters.

* Professionally composed (B.Ed and M.Ed) custom topic educational program.

* Encourages new inventive instructive abilities.

* Measure progress through classification assessment and classwork, not testing.

Far reaching materials:

* Large study halls that don't genuinely restrict instructor innovativeness.

* Fully prepared library and video gear (numerous English motion pictures)

* Walking good ways from 2 huge parks for open air exercises.

* We are a dynamic school with wifi/PC/TV

* Computer room associated with rapid fiber optic web.

Capabilities of applicant instructors:

* You have a genuine crucial instruct and serve God abroad.

* English is the local language.

* University graduation with youngsters' understanding.

* Voluntary, dynamic, adaptable and exceptionally sorted out capable demeanor.

* Extracurricular aptitudes (PC drawing/workmanship, music, sports, and so forth.) are additionally profoundly respected.

* He gets a kick out of the chance to work and play with youngsters.

* May show up toward the finish of June

So our Sieten group is:

It would be ideal if you email us on the off chance that you wish to take an interest in our instructive family that meets the entirety of the above necessities

For apply@jacksonfive.com.tw attention to Jackson:

1) Self-presentation and resume

2) Photo of visa photograph page and other photograph if identification photograph page is not kidding

3) First accessible date to begin preparing

Contact Information:


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