ESL teaching position in VietNam with high stable income and attractive financial rewards - $1000-$1500 NET/month

ESL teaching position in VietNam with high stable income and attractive financial rewards - $1000-$1500 NET/month

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Country of Job Position: Viet Nam

A steady situation in ESL instruction that gives alluring monetary prizes and numerous open doors for progress.

Welcome to the principle preparing. Established in 2009, our school is one of the quickest developing instructive organizations in Vietnam. English focus in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, in excess of 80 English schools, 2 global schools, probably the biggest organizations in the region. World: Leeds Metropolitan Manchester Metropolitan University, McMillan, British Council.

We have a dynamic and energizing workplace to benefit as much as possible from every worker's latent capacity. Get in touch with us for circumstances and difficulties to build your ESL vocation.

About work:

In view of capabilities and experience, 1000 ~ 1500 NET for each month (2320,000 ~ 34.8 million VND).

Note: Vietnam's normal month to month pay (2019) is around 5,614,400 dong ($ 242), identical to around 23,200 dong for every dollar.

Brief living arrangement card, work grant and money related help to help apply for an appearance business visa

As long as 24 years paid excursion

Up to 9 in vogue days out of each year

Substitute up to 4,000,000 VND exercises and rewards every month

350,000 VND extra time for each hour conceivable

Medical coverage

Get up at the appearance air terminal.

Free telephone on appearance and SIM card in Vietnam

Furniture settlement or VND Grant 5,000,000

Preparing and advancement programs.

Beginning of agreement: July, August, September, October, 2020

Agreement period: 9 months-inexhaustible

10,000,000VND leave reward

Last reward up to 10,000,000 VND


It likewise offers high time unit rates for low maintenance instructors at 420,000 Vietnamese Dong for every hour ($ 18/hour).


Up-and-comers need:



Identifications from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Different necessities:

Fantastic relational abilities

Obstinate and eager and effectively requesting a test

Capacity to apply inventiveness and adaptability to the educational program.

Understudy focused reasoning

Age extend 22-50

Contact Information:

Ms. Hien Nguyen < >

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