Our main goal is to promote people and create a successful franchise in Slovakia. We need ESL teachers

Our main goal is to promote people and create a successful franchise in Slovakia. We need ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Friday, May 29, 2020

Country of Job Position: Slovakia

Agreement period: September 2020-mid June 2021

Our primary objective is to make an establishment that supports individuals and succeeds. We are considering building a system of schools that plan adolescents and grown-ups for the Cambridge English tests, and these courses are commonly too high to even think about offering reasonable pre-school courses by local English speakers who can't learn English in different manners. A great many people. We are additionally building up an online test framework that gives understudies an appealing and current approach to learn English.

We anticipate an astounding hard working attitude who thinks about the outcomes and results, a significant component of our central goal to make a powerful establishment. It is the biggest organization in the area, transforming into the 30th year this year. We are the Cambridge test readiness focus. Our qualities ​​are legit, advance individuals, and satisfy hopes, while simultaneously establishing the framework for instructors in the core of Europe-see everything there, and see the ideal spot to visit in Europe. We are keen on talking candidates that coordinate our perspectives. We are not keen on tuning in to individuals who feel we are inadequate in the above qualities. Given the compensation of Zratemobu and the area in Slovakia, this work is reasonable for candidates who need to investigate Europe. The working week is Monday to Thursday (or Wednesday by common understanding). They don't educate on Fridays and ends of the week. Pay rates run from 800 to 1100 Euros/month, 23 to 32 exercises for every week. Lease 190 euros additional charge and optical web included (teacher's home 5 minutes stroll from school) Location: Slovakia, Zratemorabos. Facebook page: @jskramar'. Our instructors are allowed to have both a vehicle (the most helpful air terminal, transportation to the bus station) and an "asset focus": exercise plans, displaying earth, stick, markers, printers and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Prerequisites :

on. Enthusiasm to gain some new useful knowledge and at any rate 3 months of instructive experience

Truly. Want to assist establishment with succeeding

C. Brilliant social aptitudes and quality class readiness

once more. With visas from English talking nations

Contact Information:

Jazyková škola Kramár s.r.o. < peter.kramar@jazykovaskolakramar.com >

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