BUUK College in China Needs English Teachers, Teach English and Explore the East

BUUK College in China Needs English Teachers, Teach English and Explore the East

Date of Job Posted: Monday, January 15, 2018

BUUK College is looking for energetic, professional, dedicated English teachers who enjoy teaching young learners and adults. Join a dynamic team in China Nanchang and lead our success to success.

Business information :
● Teaching English to young learners (mainly 4 to 12 year olds)
● Teach adult students.
● Attend student management discussion / meetings.
● About the professor.
● Participate in presentations, parties, and other marketing activities and support marketing teams.
● 5 days to 40 hours a week (usually on weekends and evenings).
● Discuss with the parents and the Chinese teachers according to their needs to inform the parents of the teachers who are concerned about the learning and happiness of children by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in the school.

Requirements :
● BACHELOR DEGREE or more is required.
● Eligibility: BUUK can help you if you do not have a qualification such as TESOL / TKT / TEFL / CELTA / DELTA.
● Native or native speakers.
● Patient's sense of responsibility is confident. I teach and talk with people.
● You can take a positive attitude towards adapting to a new culture and sometimes living in a new country / culture.

Payment and benefits:
● Package A: 7500 ~ 8000 yuan per month (about $ 1200). You can start from package A with a simpler start. Once you are confident about your work or life here, you can proceed to Package B.
● Package B: 9000-10000 won per month. (The average income of Nanchang city is about 3300 yuan / month)
● Free Wifi, kitchen with cooking facilities, Western-style toilet and bathroom chair / sofa, bed and other common furniture
● up to 500 yuan per month (gas / electricity / water) (most people do not pay more).
● Return a single ticket for a one-year contract and a six-month contract.

About BUUK College:
● BUUK College is a private university founded by Andrew Chao SUN, who holds a master's degree in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in London.
● BUUK mainly teaches 4-12 year old children.
● BUUK also helps general English learners prepare for IELTS examinations for adults and young people.
● BUUK is qualified to recruit foreign teachers and can support teachers in Work VISA.
● Other programs at BUUK Educaiton Center are dance, music and Chinese writing skills.

About Nanchang City:
● Nanchang has a population of less than 2 million in the capital city of Jiangxi. Compared to major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, it is convenient to travel around the city and has more fresh air and traffic problems.
● It is located in Nanchang Central and South China, about 2 hours to Beijing and about 1 hour to Shanghai.
● Nanchang has developed rapidly over the past decade, and in 2006 it was awarded as one of the dynamic cities of the United Nations World 10.
● Like other parts of big cities in China, Nanchang can enjoy world famous supermarkets, brands and bars.
● The weather in Nanchang varies. Winter storms are 0 degrees Celsius, but snow is rare. Summer is hot, like all the other Chinese cities in the South. Spring and autumn are good seasons.
● Nanchang has an active and friendly international society, but there are also plenty of opportunities to experience China

If you are interested please contact BUUK to your CV (photo pls) to Andrew:

● Contact Andrew Directly.
● E-mail: andrewchaosun@hotmail.com or buukhr@outlook.com.
● Skype ID: andrewsuncn
● Wechat: ID: 13870996990. Download the Wechat application and add your ID.
● This job ad is displayed at the following URL: https://weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show*; id = 2313501000014189258968605617.

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