Director of Studies, Academic Head Needed In Guangzhou, Beijing and Nanchang, China

Director of Studies, Academic Head Needed In Guangzhou, Beijing and Nanchang, China

Date of Job Posted: Monday, January 15, 2018

Dean of Gwangju / Academic Director

To lead the EIC academy professor team, you need a highly qualified leader. The Dean is responsible for all aspects of the professional development of the teacher, including regular training sessions, classroom observation, feedback sessions and more. The research leader leads and directs the national team of the Academic Coordinator and reports directly to her / her.

If you are interested, please send CV / resume to I will contact you at the US agency.

start date :
February 2018

Required skills:
• CELTA / Trinity TESOL certification. Prioritize graduate qualifications
• 5 years of teaching experience. Education management experience preferred
• Native or bilingual English speakers (8.0 equivalent to IELTS)
• Organized
• Inspiring students, faculty, and staff
• Being passionate about others'
• Culturally sensitive and emotional
• Work in a fast-paced environment and adapt accordingly.
• Aggressive and flexible attitude
• Excellent communicator public speaker
• People who are fluent in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Duty :
Education / Training Mission
• Teaching up to 10 hours a week
• Develop and implement training modules for onboard and company teacher training
• Collaborate with new teachers and provide feedback
• Lead new teachers and touch partners' curriculum and expectations
• Observing classes and providing teachers with regular feedback
• Supporting activities for students
• Management and guidance of academic coordinators and senior teachers

Administrative duty
• Interviews with potential teachers in Guangzhou and Kunming campuses
• Hold and hold staff meetings and professional development sessions
• Attend monthly meetings with the University of Technology, Sydney.
• Support the teacher scheduling of the course
• EIC Academy visits Gwangju campus regularly and interviews teachers and staff
• Communicate and communicate reports regularly to the principal, academic director, and other management staff on campus

• Demo lessons, engage in "open house" interviews, present to parents, students, or potential partners

Salary and benefits (Guangzhou):
• 18000 ~ 23000 yuan / month
• Air allowance of up to 8,000 RMB
• Visa sponsor
• Housing allowance / apartment provided
• One-month salary year-end bonus as a result of a one-year contract

How to apply:
• Send a copy of your resume, degree and related faculty certificate to Richard Long:

Visa qualifications
• Native speakers.
• Has more than two years of teaching experience.
• Above BA.
• Includes CELTA / TESOL / TEFL certificate.
• Non criminal records

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