Teach English Language, Socialize and Live in Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolis in China

Teach English Language, Socialize and Live in Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolis in China

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Teaching, socializing, living in Guangzhou - Foshan China!

This is BINPAN from the International Office of Southern China Normal University.

We are looking for talented foreign teachers with us in the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolis, China's third largest city, South China's most popular tourist destination. Teach students at undergraduate level. Enjoy good pay, competitive benefits, and experience exotic Chinese culture!

Established in 1931, the Southern China Normal University (SCNU) is a joint project of China's' 211 Projects', 'Guangdong Higher University Cluster', 'Ministry of Environment - Guangdong Joint University', ' "College" is said.

The International Business University (IBC) was born on the Namhae campus in 2013 and has evolved into a comprehensive school, including the French Ministry of Finance, the International Finance (Joint Program) and the English Center. We also work with more than 30 universities in English and French. In the fall of 2015, IBC has launched a newly approved joint program "International Finance" with the University of Aberdeen, UK. IBC is looking for a competent teacher with a TESOL / FLE / Business / Economics background to further improve the teaching methods of English, French, Business / Economics to better meet the needs of students!

Business information :
International faculty members work approximately 16 hours a week, including 16 hours and 40 minutes of teaching. Classes are divided into two classes: small classes (10-25 students) and large classes (26 students or more).

Full time IBC International Duties for FF:
1. Classroom training
2. Lesson planning and preparation, curriculum development
3. Test and supervision and conducting level tests
4. Supporting student intake and placement, attendance record management
5. Counselor
6. Participate in the IBC Course Development Seminar Do the Student and Teacher Demo Classes
Participate in IBC-sponsored teacher training programs and workshops
8. Participate in promotional and marketing activities sponsored by the school
9. Attend an ad hoc meeting unless a meeting is held during the employee's leave or employee leave.
10. Other work assigned by the IBC and the department within the working hours, including meetings.

position :
I. Finance Major (3 positions):
Learning process: 1. Financial strategy and investment management 2. Retail portfolio investment Medium macro economy
Requirements: 1. Ph.D in Economics, Accounting or Finance 2. More than two years of educational experience 3. English Speakers
Inquiry: sfzhao@ibc.scnu.edu.cn

II. Financial Management Major (1st place):
Lessons of the course: 1. Examples of financial management
Requirements: 1. Economics, Accountancy, and Bachelor's Degree in Finance 2. Minimum 2 years of teaching experience 3. Native language 4. Corporate financial experience
Contact: wyzeng@ibc.scnu.edu.cn

III. France major (2 position open):
Learning process: 1.French Listening and Speaking 2.French Reading and Writing 3.Business Administration 4.Logistics Marketing
Requirements: 1. above FLE master's degree 2. with more than 2 years teaching experience 3. French native speaker
Inquiries: rkmao@ibc.scnu.edu.cn

IV: English (1 position open):
Courses: 1. IELTS preparation course 2. English course 3. English writing course
Requirements: 1. English Literature or TESOL or Bachelor of Education 2. More than 2 years of teaching experience 3. English native speaker
Contact: pqxiao@ibc.scnu.edu.cn

Premium Package for Full-Time Teachers:
1. Pre-employment training
2. Good salary (100,000RMB ~ 150,000RMB annually plus 100-150RMB)
3. Housing allowance (residing in Guangzhou or Foshan campus or suburbs)
4. Round-trip airfare
5. Visa, medical examination, residence permit allowance
6. Domestic Health Insurance
7. Other marginal profits

We expect to have a one or two year contract with a foreign teacher. The contract period will begin in September 2018. If you are interested in the above positions you have qualifications, please send a detailed resume to the relevant contact and then copy it to your regular mailbox. If you have any questions, please email me.

South China Normal University International Business College
Address: 55 Zhongshan Avenue West, Guangzhou, China (main campus)
Namhae IT Park, Sasan, Namhae, Foshan, China (Namhae Campus)
E-mail: international@ibc.scnu.edu.cn

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