Recruiting Five Foreign English Teachers in Harbin, Heilong Jiang, China

Recruiting Five Foreign English Teachers in Harbin, Heilong Jiang, China

Date of Job Posted: Friday, January 19, 2018

Pattison English, Pattison Education Group, Harbin
Skype: PattisonHarbin

Available Positions
5 foreign ESL teachers

start date
February 2018
March 2018

1 year contract

Basic salary of teachers with less than two years experience RMB 10000
*** Training The probation period of 1-3 months will be 1,000 yuan lower than the base salary.

Housing allowance
RMB1500 / month

2 bonus each 12 months is completed:
One-time flight bonus RMB6000
Up to RMB6000 1 x Reward Bonus (RMB500 / month accumulation)

With time
90 hours / month Contract: 90 hours or more classes will be paid at 100-150 RMB / hour depending on class

Vacation / Vacation
Two breaks are required in February (Spring Festival) and October (Public Holidays).

Provide legal "Z" visas to ESL teachers.

Harbin, Heilongjiang (only campus only)

Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, or Ireland.
ESL Professor Certificate (TESOL, TEFL minimum)
1 year of teacher experience (desirable)
Study trips to students who want to do their best and join a professional team.

Weekly schedule
Two days a week (not a weekend)
No working hours (excluding training and one hour of weekly meetings)

Class / Student Information
Pattison is mainly preparing for adolescents studying at Adults and studying abroad at the IELTS / TOEFL Training Center. Many students are fluent in English and can participate in discussions. Most of them go abroad after only 3-6 months stay with us, but return to lessons during the holiday period.

About Our ESL Teacher Sector
Our foreign language education sector is foreign and has an excellent reputation. Currently, we have more than 30 foreign English teachers, more than 75% of whom stay with us for more than a year, and about 50% have been with us for more than two years. As you know, this is rare in English schools in China, or elsewhere in the world. Find out what Patten's difference is.

About Pattison Education Group
The Patisson Education Group in northeastern China currently accounts for 60% of the Northeast education market and 70% of the Harbin English education market. Since its opening in 2008, we have had a lot of success in English language training tests as well as business English. Patisson is recognized as one of the most influential foreign language educational institutions for excellent foreign language education institutions and college students across the country. According to the "China Annual Education Committee", it plays a role as an excellent foreign language education institution.

What is the secret?
Ongoing support both inside and outside the school
We have a professional education department to help teachers work best. This is provided at both regular group training sessions and individual sessions. All members are encouraged to actively participate in both student and workshop leadership roles.
Solve daily problems in foreign countries
We have a team of experienced and friendly staff set up for foreign teachers only. Airport pick-up, apartment search, lease contract negotiation, city orientation, internet connection, local SIM card (basic necessities) contract to help with communication, work permit and visa.

About Harbin
Harbin Ice City is also the birthplace of Mandarin, attracting many people to the city to learn Chinese. At the annual world-class snow and ice festival, you can get a secondary name of 'Ice City' and in the winter there are scattered ice sculptures on the street. The large area of ​​Harbin boasts some of the best skiing in China and can be reached in 40 minutes. Transportation Gear hire, ski passes, etc. The day costs between 100 and 150 won per day.
Harbin's quick search displays pictures of streets lined up in unique Baroque buildings. When the Russian and Jewish refugees fled to this "East Paris" to evacuate in the late 19th century, it was popular with an interesting history.
Everyone comes back healthy in summer. A beer tent gives a refreshing place of iced lanterns instead of chilled from heat. The city's gardens turn green and the frozen rugged river eventually starts moving slowly to the icebergs before returning to the original watercourses.

Why choose a small city?
Patisson's salary is not as high as China's major cities, but Harbin's living costs are much lower than in other cities, so it is competitive. Most people save more than half of their monthly salary. It is rent, entertainment, food, transportation. It also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and give you the opportunity to adjust your Chinese skills.

How do you do next?
Please send us the following:
CV (latest version)
passport copy
Recent photos of you
References in the workplace (teaching desirable)
A copy of your degree
A copy of your ESL certificate

These will be sent to I will be holding a Skype interview within a few days. I look forward to meeting you.

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