Full Time Native English Lecturers and English Language Teachers in Guangzhou, China

Full Time Native English Lecturers and English Language Teachers in Guangzhou, China

Date of Job Posted: Friday, January 19, 2018

South China Institute of Technology Foreign Language Institute - Full-time Instructor and English Teacher (various occupations) - Guangzhou, China

The Foreign Language Schools of South China Institute of Technology (SCUT) are aiming to meet a number of positions next year.
• Full-time instructors. Business English, interested in business, finance and marketing in the major field. These students have a variety of career goals, including education, translation, entrepreneurship, law, media and study for advanced degrees.
• An English teacher who focuses primarily on writing and academic speech for students at graduate level science and engineering programs.

All positions require 14-16 hours of class per week, usually 2-3 days. Certain assignments are different for English teachers assigned specifically to meet the needs of other departments. Additional service obligations (about two hours a week during the lesson) include conversation exercises, engaging in English Corner, or proofreading.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor's degree and two years of teaching experience. Relevant fields are desirable for master's degree or full-time instructor in doctoral degree. TESOL, TESL or TEFL certificates take priority for English teachers. Candidates must demonstrate sensitivity to education, comfort, and intercultural exchanges in a classroom where English is spoken in a foreign language.

The salary is 7,500 CNY (9,000 advanced). The College offers refundable health insurance for round trip airfare to foreign teachers, furnished campus apartments and modest housing subsidies. Staff members can work out at the facilities (a little cost), cheap meals (10-15 CNY) college Chinese classroom.

Candidates must have a work permit or extension to qualify for these occupations. You must apply for a Z visa once before entering the People's Republic of China. The previous China tourist visa will be canceled. When faculty enter the country, they must remain until they get work and residence permits, which will take about a month. Student volunteers and foreign faculty staff Teachers who assist teachers in this process are responsible for all costs.

People's Republic of China The qualifications and the work permit as foreign experts can be changed,
• Passport with at least one year validity period and two blank visa pages (at least the above is wise)
• Official application form and required form CV (The school will help you with Chinese translation)
• Accredited university degrees and careers
• English as a first language
• Certificate of criminal history
• Good general health and absence of epidemics confirmed by physical examination within 5 days of arrival
• 18 to 59 years

The grade runs from September to mid-July and has provisions for Chinese holidays only. There is usually a break between mid-January and February. Faculty members can travel freely when not in class. Once you get a residence permit, you are working with multiple entry visas.

To apply, please send cover letter, CV and 3 references to sfl_office@163.com (sfl_office @ 163.com). Inquiries about this address before application are welcome. Candidate's application and remote interview review will continue until the position beginning March 1, 2018 is met. Couples are welcome.

SCUT (http://www.scut.edu.cn/) is a leading university in science and technology, ranked 11th in China's universities, recently classified as a Double-A research institute. There are two campuses in Guangzhou (old campus in Osan and new facilities in university town), and a third international campus is planned nearby.

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