Foreign English Teachers Wanted. Teaching Opportunities all over China

Foreign English Teachers Wanted. Teaching Opportunities all over China

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2018

This ad can be used for a long time

Beijing HongYuan Sunny Education Technology Co., Ltd is an English language education institution offering opportunities to teach throughout China. We are currently recruiting foreign language English teachers. I live and work in China and teach English to Chinese students.

We are interested in hearing a candidate who can prove the following:

Native English speakers are preferred, and Europe is considered English accent.
Confident to work with large groups
I have a passion for education.
I want to adapt to new cultures
Bachelor's degree is optional.
TEFL certification preferred

Location: The possibility of faculty members from all over China


Successful candidates have the following advantages:

We start from 8000 - 15000 rmb (after tax) every month.
Visa Process Assis if necessary
good times. Class hours are less than 20 hours per week, less than 2 days per week
It offers fully furnished apartments. Private bathroom, Internet
Visa costs

- Fare refund policy: 12 month contract 3000rmb will be provided after complete.

The 1000rmb - 3000rmb bonus will be awarded upon the recommendation of the school's teachers and students upon completion of the one-year contract.
The company pays all business travel, train tickets, and taxi fares within China.

Note: All of the above benefits are based on the preparation of individual events.

If you are interested in this exciting teaching opportunity, please email Block your cv. You can also chat with Skype hyyg-alice (QQ: 2659529017, wechat: xiaoxiaowangcai1206). Discuss more information about the more informal foundations.

You can also find out more from our official website (

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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