Online English Language Teacher is needed

Online English Language Teacher is needed

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018

USKid is a new online learning platform supported by venture by Baidu of Google in China. Our mission is to improve the English proficiency of Chinese native speakers by taking advantage of the possibility of online education that links teachers from English-speaking countries with young Chinese students. Our hope is to give these students an edge over their lives by teaching one-to-one English immersion curriculum through our own virtual classroom from a young age. We are currently recruiting online teachers.

USKid Teachers provide a convenient and flexible way to earn ancillary revenues. The USKid teacher can teach you as freely as you teach, but requires more than five hours a week. We offer an initial base rate of $ 16 to $ 28 per hour. There is also plenty of opportunity to maintain quality standards and earn more from established wage increases. We provide all training materials.

First, our teachers are children and wonderful kids, and are excellent at raising curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills. They are pleased to work for a fast-growing company in a vibrant and healthy industry, and are driven by professional development and development prospects. Specific requirements are as follows.
• US or neutral accent native English speakers
• Associated college or university course or equivalent graduate
• Experience in pre-school, elementary or high school classrooms in the United States
• ESL education experience - LET / TESOL / TEFL / CELTA / CELTYL / TYK / DELTA certificate is not required but bonus
• Access to desktop computers or laptops with audio / video capabilities
• Trusted high-speed Internet access

If you are interested in joining a dedicated team of USKid full-time teachers, send your CV to or go to

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