Recruiting IELTS and English TEFL Teacher in China

Recruiting IELTS and English TEFL Teacher in China

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Universal International Academy (UIA) was established in 2012 and began as an English International Preparatory Center in Cixi, Zhejiang, China, about two hours south of Shanghai. The Center is designed to facilitate entry into overseas high schools and universities, mainly in the US, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, but is expanding further in the future. By acquiring English as a core curriculum (foreign and local staff training), science and mathematics (taught by local staff), and adding classes to the needs of individual students, UIA creates other teaching materials, We offer other services.

UIA is concentrating on students with an intensive faculty team. In other words, the education is adjusted individually for each student. All students have IELTS classes, but other classes such as TOEFL, CET are also included as needed. Also, full-time students (about 14-22 years old) are provided with technology-oriented classes. The contents of these classes can be left to the discretion of the teacher.

We have a professional approach to work, but we have a very informal and relaxed team (owners and managers are also part of the faculty). It is not "office drama", but every level and kind of company is mixed daily.

It has shown rapid growth and expansion in recent years. The UIA has grown in both fame and scale to open numerous additional campuses in a single center.

UIA (Ciyuan Campus) - This is our main base for professors and is the basis of our foreign teachers. This center includes education both at home and abroad. Located 5 minutes walk from the pedestrian center, Ciyuan campus is right next to various facilities in China and the West. Starbucks is the closest attraction to local and foreign teachers. This campus consists of one large classroom for one-to-one small classrooms and one large classroom for full-time employees.

UIA (Poly Campus) - Virtual center for regional operations (about 10 minutes by car from Ciyuan campus).

Windsor Bi-Lingual Academy - UIA Youth Learning Center in DiTang District (10 minutes from Ci'uan and 5 minutes from Poly). Expanding UIA, teaching students to sit on A-Level, iGCSE houses, and building a new building on campus.

UIA (Eaton Campus) - The newest center in adjacent Yewon. It is scheduled to open in June 2018.

We are looking for a dedicated and motivated teacher to help us continue this success period. Both newcomers and experienced candidates offer enough training to open good candidates.

More about location

We teach up to 22 hours of class per week (average 15 students)
40 business hours
IELTS lectures are offered to full-time students aged 14-22
Some IELTS writing / lesson classes
Some 1/2/3 class
Probably a little smaller YL class
Working hours Weekdays and Saturdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Friday 13:00 to 20:00)
Sunday + Monday off


10,000 RMB monthly salary
Up to 12,000 yuan monthly housing allowance
10,000 won air fare (no ticket required / receipt required)
Z-Visa + payment and residence permit
Five-day holiday + All Chinese holidays (about 21 days in total)
Project Work Bonus
Additional compensation based on performance
Keep Bonus

Working with projects

UIA encourages team members to complete the work of the project and, if successful, will receive financial rewards. This will be material and curriculum development, media management, or something else that teachers think will bring benefits to our students and customers. Most team members start their own projects, but new teachers can benefit from participating in existing projects and getting started before starting their own projects.


We provide continuing education for all teachers. This includes general teaching skills, IELTS and sessions related to international testing and other useful skills. Some recent sessions are included.

Photoshop (default)
Photoshop (intermediate)
PowerPoint (teach)
Excel (default)
Excel (Advanced)
Video editing (default)


Cixi City is rich in culture and has a long history. It was part of England in the spring and autumn (770-476 BC). The military was founded in Qin Dynasty. Initially called "Juzhang", after the reign of Tang in Kai Yuan, it uses the name "Cai" (738 BC).

Cixi has a long tradition of teaching and cultivating a culture that has thousands of years of historical artifacts and a deep cultural background and has produced three local cultures: "Celadon Reclamation and Immigration." Shanglinhu Celadon is a "silk of the sea" Road ", but historical reclaimed land is becoming one of the most rich land resources in Zhejiang, and immigrant culture has many years of history.

In 2010 and 2011, Cixi City was listed as a "national city and rural regional digital learning demonstration base" by the Ministry of Education.



Basic / Professional English Instructor (IELTS 8.0 or higher for native language)
22-55 years old (local work visa requirements)
Maintain qualifications at BA / BSc level and above
TEFL / ESL / EFL / CELTA / TESOL qualifications
No criminal record


Previous educational experience
China's past experience
Past experience with educational systems in the UK, Canada and / or Australia
Positively adaptable, professional committed


If you think that it is best for UIA, please send a copy of your CV to Academic Manager, Mark Wain in the following way. Please feel free to contact us if you have general questions about your position.


Phone: +86 1586-954-6727

WeChat: mark_wain

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