Looking for Full time AP Physics and Math Teachers at Hohhot No.2 High School in China

Looking for Full time AP Physics and Math Teachers at Hohhot No.2 High School in China

Date of Job Posted: Monday, January 22, 2018

Full-time AP Physics / Mathematics teacher is required at Hohhot No.2 High School

We employ a full time AP teacher in Hohhot No.2 High School International Class. And the professor's time is a professor of daytime from Monday to Friday. We need a teacher who can teach the course in a passionate and passionate way. Salary is based on RMB 13000-20000 tax. If you are interested in the position, please contact us at shangxg@ufeic.org or call my number 18210229820. Thank you!

Requirements :
Standard English speaker;
Bachelor degree or above.
Birth, enthusiastic and excellent interactive ability;
Credentials or priority certificate;
Teaching experience at AP Physics and Math is desirable.

Place: Hohhot No.2 High School, Hohhot Inner Mongolia
Start time: after the Chinese Spring Festival

We can provide:
1 Work visa
2 Foreign Expert Certificate
3 Disaster insurance
4 Arrival & Life Support Services
5 Holidays Refund
6 ongoing professional development
7 Promotion opportunity
8. 10K travel allowance
10. Free Stay


Hohuhoto No.2 High School is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

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School Location

607A Xinhua Science and Technology Tsim Sha Tsui, Chinese Maison of the South Road of Chaoyang District, Beijing

(New Building of Auxiliary Technology Building A 607)

Contact number: 010-64669200

Mobile: 18210229820 (Shango)

Send all applications and resumes to bilingochina_hr@126.com. Attach your photo.

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