Recruiting English Language Teachers in China

Recruiting English Language Teachers in China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The eco-education will try to find the right thing for you so that you have the most enjoyable time. We have been successful in recruiting our own English training schools in Hangzhou for more than 10 years in cooperation with local schools, so we know foreigners better than other recruiters. We have our own academic center and service team, improve your English language skills and help you solve in China. From a legal point of view, we are confident that we are a hardworking and hardworking company that can ponder the legal aspects of legal procedures in China to come to China, and the details of effective contact with Zhejiang and Jiangsu schools. If you proceed successfully, you will be able to complete all documents and apply for a visa. Everything is simple and easy to read.
If you have passion, we certainly have the right position for you. It is time to explore together.

1. Organize Effective Lessons
2. Write a lesson plan
3. Participate in meetings, school activities, teacher training seminars, and seminars

Employment benefits for eco-education:
1. Simplicity - Echo organize all legal requirements for foreigners in China
2. 2000RMB free housing or housing allowance
3. 6000RMB allowance after contract execution
4. Free health checkup and health insurance
5. Free Legal Work Visa Foreign Expert Certificate and Residence Permit
6. Approved residence permit Refunds of notarized and legalized documents
7. Airport pick-up upon arrival
8. Start-up support (bank account, mobile phone, etc.)
9. Free stay on arrival
10. Continuing training (life-tips, cultural differences, teaching strategies)
11. 7x24 hours life and teaching support in China

Salary :
The applicant's educational experience and qualifications mediate pay. Salaries go far beyond minimum wage requirements. The salary will be 6000RMB to 16000RMB.

Eligibility Required
1. Clearly accented fluent English speakers
2. Bachelor degree or above (non-native English speaking university)
3. TEFL certification or two years of teaching experience or an English related degree
4. Candidates should be motivated not only in education abroad, but also in life

How to apply:
Copy your CV to and write your answer to the following questions. These are:
1. Do you have a bachelor's degree?
2. Clearly accents are fluent English speakers?
3. What is your nationality? (We require this for reasons of visa and documentation)
4. Do you have a TEFL certificate or have more than two years of experience teaching an English-related degree (English Linguistics)?
5. When can you teach?
6. We are offering schools in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Is there a city you want to go to?

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