Looking for Elementary School English Language Teachers in China

Looking for Elementary School English Language Teachers in China

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chinese Elementary School Teaching English

The New York-based educational institution, the International Academic Alliance (IAA), is seeking candidates for elementary school language immersion training at IAA partner schools in China. We are diversifying our portfolio of IAA faculty instructor professors and providing opportunities to teach rigorous courses on the international stage.

Business information :
The instructor teaches phonics and English as a foreign language for Chinese collaborative young learners.

• The teacher will give up to 20 hours per week in the after-school environment.
• Close cooperation with IAA Chairman:
Effective guidance of curriculum.
Course shipping;
Manage and resolve classroom or student problems.
Program development and evaluation.
• Participate in ongoing professional development with US teachers.
Teacher training;
American professors and professional recognition;
Course evaluation;
Program evaluation.
• Support students with difficult problems and work with students and principals to identify and resolve potential problems.

reward :
• $ 2400 to $ 2900 per month, depending on your qualifications.
• Accommodations: Private one bedroom apartments close to the school.
• Health insurance is provided.
• Visa sponsorship Support for all visas.
• One ticket is provided.

Term of employment:
• One and a half years or three years of employment.
• Start immediately by July 2019 or July 2020.

Candidate qualifications:
• Candidates must have at least a baccalaureate degree in their specialty or a TESOL certificate.
• Teaching experience at least a year in the field is desirable, but not required.

How to apply:
Candidates must email the following documents to hr@iaapathway.com by January 30, 2018:
1. Resume.
2. Recent photos;
3. Diploma and copy A scanned copy.
4. TESOL certificate scanned copy (if available).

About International Institute:
The International Academic Alliance (IAA) provides in-country and academic programs in conjunction with accredited international schools and networks of US universities. The International Academic Society pledges to provide equal employment opportunities for recruitment, hiring, training, promotion and other terms of use, regardless of talent, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability. employ.

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