Looking for a highly motivated and skill sharpened curriculum developer and ESL teacher

Looking for a highly motivated and skill sharpened curriculum developer and ESL teacher

Date of Job Posted: Friday, January 26, 2018

Landi Subject English Curriculum Developers

Who are we :

Landi Subject English is the high end program abc360, which started in 2016. Landi aims to motivate young people from 4 to 8 years old. Landi is a student-centered educational philosophy that has an important element of peer research. Strengthen the student's learning experience. Peer-to-peer modeling, and peer evaluation.

We require highly motivated and capable curriculum developers and ESL teachers to join our team. This is Randy's full-time job in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. We are recruiting individuals who can become teachers of students' knowledge changes, passion for improving educational performance, and online and offline marketing event protests.

1. Develop and compile instructional plans, assignments, assessments, and other teaching materials and teaching methods based on the Chinese curriculum developer draft.
2. Participate in joint curriculum and grade-level activities with a thorough understanding of Landi's conceptual ideas (small group lectures, peer-to-round theory, contextualization and gating concepts).
3. Write teacher's manuals. Materials are genuine and must match each other.
4. Edit the student manual. Students' manuals should be edited before or during the teacher's editing. Sometimes, the student version is required later without editing the teacher.
5. Teach sample subjects (recorded) for training purposes.
6. Teaching actress / actress in the video (script included).

Desirable skills and experience:
1. native speakers with writing skills
2. Bachelor degree or above
3. Candidates must have experience working with their children
4. Ability to self-reflect and respond to feedback in educational practice
5. TEFL, TESOL certificate is preferable. A recognized official professor license is highly desirable.

What we offer:
1. Payment: 16K incentive from 13K per month
2. Insurance package
3. Working hours 40 hours a week
4. Work place: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

If you have any questions, please contact elcy.zhang @ landi.com.

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