Kindergarten in Beijing, China is looking for native English language speaking teacher

Kindergarten in Beijing, China is looking for native English language speaking teacher

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 27, 2018

Who are we

We are Muffy 's International Kindergarten (MIK), a team of Muff leaders, educators and learners. Our foreign teachers represent all regions of the world. We are confident in creating a space that encourages students to learn and grow naturally.

MIK has been working in Beijing since 2004. Our vision is to provide our students with the experience they need to become a trusted individual with a lifelong learner and ability that is caring in a changing world. We are committed to achieving this goal by providing a holistic education of English immersion. We create an environment that is worry-free in nature where students can maximize their potential. We encourage creativity by introducing various themes and teaching the world and the environment to promote movement, singing, dancing, and play.

As our number grows, joining an existing team of excellent teachers will require innate and creative talents.


Our day school teachers can give each student a variety of activities and participate actively in their study trips. Using Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory as the backbone of our curriculum, we will coordinate the classes to support each child's unique abilities and special talents by a variety of wise people

Students attending school are between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. Each teacher has a maximum of 18 students in a class that is staying throughout the year. With Chinese teacher support and everyday life teachers, teachers want to be lifelong learners who will develop their talents and social skills and have curiosity.

We are currently recruiting from 2018 to 2019. We invite you to our team! Start date: March 1st.


• Ideal minimum degree
• 120 hours Tesol / Tefl or Celta certification
• Two years of experience after graduation
• Native American, Canadian, British, Australian, New Zealand
• Ability to clear background check
• Work as a flexible, fun, friendly, creative team.

Benefits Overview

• Salary of 16,000 - 22,000 yuan after tax
• Legal Visa for Foreign Experts
Pick-up at airport
• Flight Housing Allowance
• Full vacation 4 weeks
• Illness and private leave refunds
• Performance Bonus
• Medical insurance
• Free weekday lunch
• Free Chinese lessons
• Support for training classes and regular professional development and training
• Group tour including KTV night, barbecue dinner, sightseeing!

Apply Now

Please send your CV scanned degree passport to Please add MIK to this post upon application and see this post.

Because there are many applicants, only successful applicants will be notified. All documents are kept strictly confidential.

Visit our website at to learn more about our schools and careers.

We have dedicated our resources to ensure that visa officers are dispatched to support foreigners (very rare in other schools) and teachers

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