Great chance to teach English and travel in China, Apply Now!

Great chance to teach English and travel in China, Apply Now!

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Are you looking for an exciting break for a while, traveling around the world, working overseas?

Education in China is able to travel to Asia while adding valuable work experience on a resume or to earn money to pay student loans!

Why do you study in China?
• Providing English language students with a meaningful and meaningful impact by providing competitiveness in the global economy.
• Travel in one of the most diverse locations in Asia, saving tuition and paying student loans.
• Get a unique working experience to build current skill sets
• Take your amazing adventure with the support of the visa in China, the acquisition of the necessary documents to making sure well in the last one month of your time with us showing you where your team!

Highlights of the program

Why do you work in adventure training?
• Get a comprehensive reward package - get all the work experience, save money and enjoy a lower cost of living than China
• We work at a reputable school and provide placements in various locations in over 30 cities. There is something for everyone!
• We are walking along with you. As an English teacher, we know the support and advice we need to adapt to life in China.
• You do not need to speak Chinese and do not have a specific education degree.
• We provide help and guidance for ESL certification that is right for you.
• Submitting with us is 100% free!

Please tell me about this opportunity abroad:
• Chinese school children, youth or adult education
• Receive excellent employment packages
• Teach a foreign language as long as you want - The teaching contract can be updated for a long period starting from at least one year
• Our only requirement is to obtain a degree from a university or university. We are looking for a variety of skills and backgrounds for all candidates. The training experience is a bonus, but we are finding and evaluating other skill sets and experiences.

- 9000RMB - 17000RMB (qualification standard)
- Class hours: 22-27 per week

- Payment of airfare
- housing offer
- Pension
- 50/50 medical plan
- bonus for one month's severance pay
- Vacation for up to 40 days including 2 week public holidays

Adventure training content:
We are also adventurers! Our adventure leadership team is teaching in Korea, China, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Cambodia. We have more than 1,200 teachers, more than 100 schools and more than 20 years of recruitment experience. The school knows what it wants and knows what it needs. We work with you until the transition to the interview, visa, final preparations List of packaging such as flight arrival information, preparation, living abroad. We are always on the phone. We have a passion for people who live and work overseas. We truly believe that it is one of the best things that people have! Living abroad adds a valuable element to our personal story. It changes us, expands our worldview, and teaches us in a way that is nothing else. However, it is difficult to know where to start when looking for a job in another country. It is where we come from. Please go to today!

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