Looking for Full Time Native English Language Teachers in Inner Mongolia, China

Looking for Full Time Native English Language Teachers in Inner Mongolia, China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

About our school:

FEAT English School is an extra curriculum in northern China. We are looking for a sincere and healthy person to join our foreign teacher team. Founded in 2011, FEAT currently has five schools in three cities in Erhardos, Adjacent, and Hao Haot, one hour flight from Beijing near the border with Mongolia, China and Mongolia. You can travel to China and enjoy the scenery using off-time.

Task requirements:

The school uses Letterland's "Fix-it Phonics" curriculum to teach children ages 3-11. This is a pleasure for teachers and children. We have to teach the fun of learning in various ways, such as baking, crafts and games.
Spend Monday and Tuesday holidays. In a very comfortable working environment, 1.5 to 3 hours of classes are offered with TA. Most afternoon work on weekends.
Candidates should have experience working with a bachelor's degree, a TEFL certified child, but it is not necessary!

Advantages :

Attractive pay
Flex Time
Whole furniture flat or housing allowance
Refund of Fares and Visa Fee
1 year contract bonus
Visa Execution Cost
18 days paid vacation
Promotion opportunities
Full teacher training program and academic development workshop
Nice Pealeiz Islands
Contract-ongoing bonus
Free Chinese lessons
On-going team building activities Desert tour, barbecue, archery, great party

It is a really beneficial experience. You can spend time learning new culture and telling great kids! We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Please send your CV to featenglish@qq.com.

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