English teaching position is available in China - No experience required, full training provided

English teaching position is available in China - No experience required, full training provided

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, February 4, 2018

About position

I teach English to children 3-12 years old. All regular classes have less than 12 students who are taught in the local passenger seat. The main activities include planning and delivery of lessons, assessing student progress, and continuing to improve instruction for students and parents. This is a great opportunity to start your own career, even to those who aim to teach, with others who are passionate about teaching while experiencing exciting life abroad.

Our foreign teachers (ESL teachers) ...

Providing innovative, immersive educational content that provides a very attractive and effective English learning experience for children ages 3-12
Storytelling, song, conversation, role-playing, etc.
40 hours a day (20 hours) including night or weekend
Measuring progress and educational outcomes
Build strong relationships with your parents and let them "know" your child's travels.

To qualify, you'll need:

I have completed my baccalaureate degree or higher.
English proficiency in speaking, reading and writing
English can communicate with young learners who are not native speakers (training and support are provided)
Flexible "water" posture and flexible approach
Passion for Toddler and Work

Experience and experience working with children is very desirable, but not essential.

What we offer:

Depending on the qualification / experience, a salary of 6,000 yuan
Monthly housing allowance up to 2,000 yuan
Monthly travel expenses for China airfare and return trip
Paid Diseases and Vacations
Strong Academic Education
Vigorous reconciliation support

* Privileges are subject to change

Email: Mr Daniels < hr@goldengateenglish.com.cn >

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