English Teaching Jobs at Shenyang, China, Live well and save money

English Teaching Jobs at Shenyang, China, Live well and save money

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 5, 2018

SHENYANG CHINA I live happily. Western administration, 20 + 4 hours per week. Good vacation and a bonus of 16,000 yuan were paid quarterly

Location of English teachers:

Based on highly competitive salary and experience, JOY has an annual bonus of 8000-16000 yuan (paying an additional bonus of 4,000 yuan at the end of the contact period of 1,000-3,000 yuan every three months) and accommodation (including high-speed internet) Modern apartment with private furniture within a new building featuring. You are taught a fun-filled curriculum that is well tested to motivate young learners ages 4 to 12, with 20 hours per week (plus 4 hours of business hours) in a good environment. All training curriculum is provided with all the textbooks and staff are there to help you always.

Founded in 1981, Joy Children 's Language School has more than 10,000 students in mainland China and Taiwan. Joy Sheen dispatched five foreign teachers in the city and is always expanding. As a Joey English teacher, you will receive major training and ongoing support from experienced Canadian executives.

We are looking for native English teachers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. The selected candidates need full education and teaching experience is desirable but not necessary. Native English speakers only.

Pleasure salary and benefits:
In the first six months, one salary increase of 500RMB will start paying between 10,000 and 12,000 yuan, depending on the experience of no monthly Chinese income tax.
20 hours a week, 4 hours a week.
500RMB goes up to 13500RMB every 6 months.
Annual contract bonus of 8,000-16,000RMB, 3000RMB for every three months, based on attendance and performance based experience.
The new building has free private modern apartments.
It is a holiday from five days to two days every week.
Three joys of the year Holidays: Spring Festival, summer vacation October holiday. Approximately 37 days' vacation from half the day paid at the end of the contract. This vacation gives you the best opportunity to travel.
Opportunity for overtime allow one or more English classes to be taught
For continued success and expansion, high-performance teachers have the opportunity to grow into higher education, coaching and management positions.

We are a private school. We do not have recruiters or agents. A teacher hired by the Joey Kids Language School campus.

The cost of living in Shenyang is very low (especially compared to Beijing, Shanghai, or southern China), and it is very easy to save a lot of money for travel, home pickup or savings. It is easy enough to live well under half of your paycheck and leave the rest for travel, fun, or saving.

Shenyang is ideally located. There are many good things to see here, but CRH trains are only four hours away from the bustling streets of Beijing and the "Winter City" of Harbin. You can visit the beautiful seaside city of Dalian in a short train journey.

At Joey Private School, classes take place on weekdays in the afternoons and evenings and weekends. Because of this schedule, there is a lot of free time in one week. It is a good opportunity for people who have a hobby, experience a new thing, and can not spend a relaxing time.

We also offer:
Airport transfer for accommodation after arrival at the airport, local tours, assistance
Utilities and Internet
Working Z visa
Residence permit
Foreign Expert Certificate
Free emergency medical and accident insurance

education :
Pleasure classes follow all the structuring process. Textbooks, books, teaching guides, props, posters, DVDs or tapes are all available at the school. You do not have to search the class for ideas and materials on the Internet.
I have a one-on-one training with a Canadian trainer who has been working with Joey for about six years.
You can watch and teach other teacher's classes before you start your first live class, and be ready to teach and support.
Trainers can provide exceptional feedback, coaching, and ongoing support and perform well.
The atmosphere here is very light and fun in the classroom, but we are committed to providing the best education for our students. Joey's motto and approach to teaching is "learning is fun". We have a lot of activities and games while teaching English to young students. Class size is small, pop is less than 15 and youth is less than 20.

What Joey Needs:
All candidates must teach English to children from 4 to 16 years of age and have a sense of responsibility, diligence, vitality, creativity, and fun. Full training is provided, but you have learned your own class.

Candidates can apply via email
Cover letter, resume, university degree, TESOL / TEFL certificate and recent photos:

Phillip Young Foreign Dean

Summarize the experience you had before, including the time you can use, the experiences you have with your children, and the questions at that time. The first contract is one year.

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