English language teaching jobs in China Major Cities, High paying ESL jobs from 10k to 15k per month

English language teaching jobs in China Major Cities, High paying ESL jobs from 10k to 15k per month

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 5, 2018

High-paid work from 10k to 15k in big cities in China. Free accommodation + Free Chinese lessons + Transfer support + Insurance + Legal employment visa + Free Tozuru degree or teaching experience is not required. Come with us.

Do you know?
- Is it very difficult to find a job that is very good when you get a degree?
You do not have to work hard every day to attract the attention of your leaders for the promotion of your company, but your efforts on career potential rules can be wasted
You can not even save money for a trip abroad, if you want to do your thing by widening your horizon, shopping or doing overtime every day

So you've been thinking about change so far ...
Why not come to one of the most potential countries in the world and enjoy a different lifestyle?
Why do not you give up your exhausted job and challenge a new job? - Do you need to teach English in a wonderful country and pay all the respects of the Chinese people?

As the second language (ESL) company founded in 2005 in Beijing, the most reputable foreign HR is always adventurous and looking for staff to lead life in many good opportunities. This includes training options throughout Beijing and China. Here's more:
1: Location: Beijing Downtown near subway
2: Contract period: 6 months, although flexible
3: Class size: 8 to 10 children per class
4: Age: 3-12 years old children
5: Start date: Any time
6: Schedule of work: Monday to Friday kindergarten work, 2 weekends off, Wednesday to Sunday school days, Monday and Tuesday two days off
7: Requirement: You do not have to be willing to learn if you have a class or TEFL certificate or class experience
8: Salary: You can pay from 8000RMB to 15000RMB per month. Free accommodation depends on the teacher's qualifications.
Note: The salary is the same at $ 2,000 to $ 2,500 per month. Since ordinary people in China can only get 3000RMB from 2000RMB a month, it is a good salary for you. The city of Beijing is also very easy to save a lot of money on the capital (especially compared to the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand), travel, home money transfer savings, savings.
9: You do not need to have a degree and TEFL and are provided with a work visa in accordance with our guidance
10: Pick up when you arrive at the airport and provide assistance to help you initially stay in Beijing
11: Chinese holidays are 20 days a year
12: If your contract is terminated for one year, you will earn 6000 for your flight bonus in the second year.
13: TEFL certificate and work reference provided at the end of one year contract
14: A person who provided a training plan and was bilingual
15: Continuing education

Today is the day to change your life and enjoy new things. Everything is possible.ForeignerHR is here to guide you.

Please send the following documents when you apply.
1: Resume
2: One recent picture
3: Copy of passport

1: Email: 710683745@qq.com
2: WeChat: 18201268793
3: Skype: peterxingxing1

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