Recruiting English language teachers at Kindergarten in Beijing, Chengdu, China

Recruiting English language teachers at Kindergarten in Beijing, Chengdu, China

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, February 8, 2018

Children's Fairy Tale Kindergarten in Beijing, China is looking for regular teachers. "The story of a child" has 10 kindergartens around Beijing. Each kindergarten has a clean, modern and child-friendly environment with interesting content, both Chinese and foreign teachers. (Note: We are direct employers and no agents. )

Requirement: The native language and the first language used are English, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand. (If English is not your native language and you speak English and speak clearly and clearly, do not hesitate to apply).

You are the "child of the child". Fun, fun, enjoying work, teaching children;
You are powerful and energetic and can be applied to any situation.
- The patient is an excellent team leader, organized and works well with others.
- I hope to learn and adapt culturally.
- Preparation of rigorous and industrious class responsibilities to carry out assigned classes.
- I hope to sign a one-year contract. ;
- Note: You do not need any experience to learn and adapt.

Working hours / day:
Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.
Saturdays and Sundays are closed.
It rests for two hours and 30 minutes every day from 12:00 am to 2:30 pm.

holiday :
- Chinese Spring Festival has two days of rest days,
- You also acknowledge that other governments are paying 8 days vacation including door festival, Dragon Boat Festival, New Year's Day.
You will take a two day Christmas holiday.
When you renew your contract, you will receive a two-week refund.
- At least, it will help you get a legal work visa. Diploma
- Stay for Chinese children and provide insurance while working.

Salary :
- for new and / or unskilled teachers
- We are offering the first salary of 15000 yuan from 13000 yuan. (We offer free teacher training for new teachers.)
An experienced teacher
- 22,000 yuan elementary salary from 16,000 yuan per month.
For qualified teachers who are qualified in the field of early education,
- From 23000RMB to 35000RMB Elementary salary.

Contact :
wechat / phone number 15010151846
CV to

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