Invite to teach English in Wenling Holiday Foreign Language Training Center in Zhejiang, China

Invite to teach English in Wenling Holiday Foreign Language Training Center in Zhejiang, China

Date of Job Posted: Friday, February 9, 2018

Dear Sir,
I appeal hard to attend my school as a native language teacher.
Onion is a very beautiful suburban city in China where people are very nice.
It takes about 3 hours by direct train from Shanghai, but the cost of living is 1/4 of Shanghai.

Here is the basic information:
Full Time Teacher Requirements:
Nationality: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
Bachelor degree or above
TESOL / TEFL Certification
Required Documents:
1 Passport
2 Background check.
3 Bachelor
4, TESOL / TEFL certification
5 Diploma notarization
Note: Most academic students are 5-12 year olds. Be active, good looking, patient. There are already three American teachers at the school.
We expect one or two new teachers to arrive around March 2018

School introduction
Wenling City is a beautiful seaside city in eastern China, about 3 hours by train from Shanghai. For the Western teacher, this city life is comfortable and convenient. It has shopping malls, markets, Starbucks, KFC, Apple Store and other modern facilities. Westerners can easily purchase necessary things such as familiar food. Chinese or some of the students are well communicated in English Western teachers can ask for help when they need help.
Wenling Beijiguang Education Center is located in Wenling City Center. It has a new place about 1000 M2 in the center of the city. The Academy has existed for 10 years. About 200 ~ 300 students from 6 to 12 years old each year and five foreign teachers are scheduled as teachers. (The picture below does not show the location of the current or future school.)

I. The teacher is working as a full-time English teacher in a second language in our school.
2. The period of service shall be one year.
3. The basic salary of a teacher is 180,000 won to 200,000 won per year (the average floating exchange rate is about 30,000 dollars a year). The teacher receives payment in Chinese currency.
4. The new teacher will arrive in Wenling City, Zhejiang Taizhou County, China. Arrival residence is ready.
5. Average working hours per week is 30 hours per week for 46 weeks and unpaid leave time is 6 weeks. Class hours may be shorter in summer and winter, and the rest of the school year may be longer. Total 46 weeks × 30 training hours = 1,380 Teaching time (basic salary) takes over a year.
Working hours: Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 9:30 pm Breakfast or afternoon classes at Wenling public elementary, junior high, and high school, Saturday and Sunday 7.5 hours per day. Holiday Academy (Ground School) It is / is required. A free day (holiday) is allowed once a week and is determined by the FLTC School Administration per teacher. The payday is 21 days after the month without exception. If you do not work for a month, salary will be proportionate.
Vacations: The teacher can take a six-week vacation all year round. In the meantime, FLTC School Administration will arrange to travel abroad if you wish. (Chinese Spring Festival is two weeks, three weeks in August, one week in early October).
Access to Online Education: The school promises to maintain a stable online connection and to maintain it as a teacher online teacher, assuming that both parents and students can maintain professional and quality education that respects and accepts.
Living room accommodation: The school will help the teacher to rent an apartment and prepare for life. The teacher must borrow an apartment and pay the general cost of living (gas, electricity and water). The average living cost per person is about 1200 yuan per month (about 160 to 180 dollars per month).
The school pays one way airfare to the foreign teacher China. (The standard fare is about $ 200 to $ 500 in China, so you will not be paid more than $ 500.)
The school will process and pay visa to enter China for a resident permit certificate. (The work visa is about $ 200 for a single person, so you will be paid less than $ 300.) The teacher promises to work for a year at Holiday / Sprout. The school (Party A) provides the employee (Party B) with a copy of all documents in English and Chinese that describe the terms and conditions for working legally in China during the term of the contract.

Health and Medical
Employees must have a medical / physical examination at their own expense to prove that they are not infected with hepatitis before entering China. Formal Chinese medical / physical examinations are free of charge after an employee arrives and before he / she actually performs his / her duties. Annual insurance premiums of medical insurance are deducted from teacher's salary, and monthly (or all) amount is deducted from salary of the first payday (or more). This is a required cost. ($ 300 or less throughout the year.) Teachers can be reimbursed for serious illnesses or major accidents.

Skype: Karenzhou5

I am waiting for a reply.
I will leave it up to you


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