Training school in Guangzhou, China is looking for native English language teachers

Training school in Guangzhou, China is looking for native English language teachers

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018

Guangzhou, China training school. 24 hours / week. There is no business hours. 1 month paid vacation up to 20,000 yuan. One from four secretaries.

Would you like to travel to Kongfu with an interest in fostering your English language teaching experience in China and exploring other areas of international education?

As an overseas English teacher you can add a new teaching technique to your tool set and create your own career path to live a wonderful life in all of Guangzhou.

Introduction to Guangzhou Video:

Our school in Gwangju teaches up to 24 hours a week without working hours. We deal with 10 classes from 3 to 16 years old. Each class is 1.5 hours, young students are twice a week, and three students are once a week. Our class is one in four. In other words, you have the time and attention necessary to demonstrate your potential to know your students.

Outside the classroom, students track their development and learning needs. We maintain close contact with our parents and provide advice on the best course of action to keep children up to date and improve.

Make the most of your BBT material available on all workspace computers, including teacher notes, workbooks, flash cards, interactive materials, ratings, music, and videos, and send them to your learning plan.

=== English teachers' daily duty ===
① Teaching English as a foreign language.
② Four classes in a school equipped with modern technology.
③ Develop and use appropriate supporting materials.
④ Maintain student and class record.
⑤ Support placement examination and interview for new students.
⑥ Participate and participate in workshops to train teachers provided by the Center.
⑦ In general, on Saturdays and Sundays, long days are short on weekdays and flexible days are on weekdays.

2. 24-48 years old is very desirable.
3. I would like to have activities like a classroom that works with children.
4. We value passion, dedication, teamwork, reliability, and positive attitude.
5. We focus on providing the best English language training for our students through the development of both classes and ongoing teachers.

BBT English offers significant benefits to teachers:
- 13,000 ~ 15,000 yuan per month in the first year.
- 8,000 RMB annual round-trip allowance.
- Bonus for attendees of 18,000 yuan per year.
- Housing allowance of 30,000 yuan per year.
- 1000 RMB each year Aetna Health Insurance;
- Closed - 1 MONTH.
- Arrival furniture is available.
- Pick up and help from the airport / train station;
- Orientation and onboarding;
- free weekly Chinese classes;
- Kongfu class guide;
- We have defined our China travel itinerary.
- Help me solve and solve every day problems from shopping to doctor's visit.
- flexible and caring management and continuous teacher training and development;
- In Xuzhou, there is a good career development opportunity as a member of the world's largest private school.
- Refund of visa fees.


Education, Education, Education

English (ESL), English language education, ESL K-12, K-12 education

Language requirements

Education Degree

Visa Support
Work visa only.

Only candidates in this country can apply:
Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, South Africa

contact :
Wechat: 15521005071
Whatsapp: 15521005071
China Phone: 0086 15521005071

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