Looking for international English teachers who are capable of teaching children ages 3-18 in China

Looking for international English teachers who are capable of teaching children ages 3-18 in China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Start date: Immediate (2-3 months for visa processing in China)

Salaries and benefits:
- Encouragement benefits (10000-12000 yuan, about 1500-1900 dollars / month based on ESL teaching experience)
120 hours of free TEFL certification. (If you do not have a professor's certificate, the school will help you register for one and get a certificate)
- Visa's redemption
- Free accommodation (sharing 1 apartment)
- Health Insurance
- Quarter and summer time bonuses
12000 former light refund
- Completion bonus
- Performance-based career development
- Paid leave (13 days)
Paid vacation
- Free Chinese lessons

Business information :
- Time required: 15 months
- Up time: 40 hours a week (including course manager)
- Class time :
Free - 20 hours a week
Peak - 26 hours a week
- Test period - 3 months

We are looking for international teachers who can teach children aged 3-18 in an attractive, safe and effective way. Teachers teach various components of English (reading, writing, speaking, listening, phonics) and are free to use various resources to do so.

In addition to the teaching hours, teachers have management time. This time includes learning plans, marketing of papers, attendance and progress reports on class logs, communication with the dean and parents. Etc

There is a great focus on professional development. As a result, teachers can lead educational sessions at the University of Cambridge, complete the center's projects and gain recognition in a variety of educational areas. Employees also need to participate in meetings and training throughout the year.

The teacher must be an excellent team player capable of working in a multicultural center and be an individual of all backgrounds.

Requirements :
English speakers like native or native
Bachelor's degree in university / undergraduate
Deliver a background to criminals
Pass the medical examination
Between the ages of 21 and 45.

Recruitment Procedure:
We have an extra Skype interview
The Chinese school will contact you for an interview with skype / weChat / WhatsApp.
Within 48 to 72 hours, we will notify the applicant of acceptance or rejection.

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