ESL teachers needed, Perfect start to your ESL career in China

ESL teachers needed, Perfect start to your ESL career in China

Date of Job Posted: Monday, March 19, 2018

[NEW] A review of the ESL teaching method for new teachers *** More than 20 years experience in China *** 3 days per week *** *** 23-28 hours contract from 18,000 RMB

Do you seek a unique experience after graduation New teachers who are looking for a perfect start to your ESL career in China? Aston English gives you a good opportunity. We have excellent teaching and career opportunities in schools all over China.

Aston English

Aston English is the flagship division of Aston Educational Group. Aston English started in Dalian in 1996. The only school humble From the beginning, more than 120 schools from Inner Mongolia to Guangdong, Xinjiang to Jiangsu flourished in one of China's largest ESL operating companies. We are committed to understanding the mechanics of working in a multicultural environment and to entertain your experience in China to delight your time.

Our students and teachers are top priority. We have invested a lot of time and resources in teacher training and support. We understand what we need to be a successful ESL teacher, and start with all positive attitudes and motivation to learn.

Our goal is to provide supportive environments, guidelines and education to help you continuously develop your educational skills.

How to be your background We teach you everything you need to know!
We begin with an understanding of what an ESL teacher needs to be successful, and all positive attitudes and motivation to learn.

The right ideas are more important than the experience, and Aston can acquire the skills necessary to succeed in a practical experience, personalized education.

We have developed our own detailed curriculum of beginner beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level includes a closure of the Teacher's Guide, full of ideas and strategies that provide support in the classroom to get the best out of all-capable students.

It also includes our unique on-line education and face-to-face training, which is part of your development with you, and you want to be a great teacher

Life and teaching in China is a great endeavor. One of the reasons we come to China is that it is a unique experience that this fascinating country offers. There are 20 hours of classes per week and 3 hours of classes per week, and most of the time of the week is held on weekends, so there is plenty of time to learn Mandarin and enjoy the famous Chinese cuisine. Travel around and explore this cultural rich country while securing valuable international experience.

Free accommodation (no starting fee)

We offer completely self-contained apartments from the moment you arrive. You do not have to spend time at the hotel, and you do not have to experience the unconscious stress of preparing your life that is already happening for you.
Also, all apartments are near the school, not the initial cost of borrowing the apartment or the loan being repaid in the first few months' salary.

Career opportunity
In Aston English, maps provide you with unique personal and career opportunities.
We can offer you the opportunity to build your career in Aston, one of the most important dynamic and fast growing economies in the world. Aston takes pride in the fact that all management teams, trainers, recruiters, and curriculum designers come from the Aston Early Learning experience.

We are looking for:
• Passport holders in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.
• College degrees in all subjects
• Clean criminal records
• True wish to live abroad
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• enthusiastic fun affection
Flexible and adaptable

• 20 hours tuition per week and 18,000 yuan / month competitive salary
• Flight Allocation
• Full work visa
• Free accommodation
• Free four-hour Chinese lessons per week
• Free airport pick up
• Free insurance
• 3 days of free time per week
• Continuing education and support
• vacation
• Career development opportunities

Since 1996, we have helped more than 3,500 teachers experience China. We have recruitment experts with you and carry out easy and efficient recruitment procedures.

Resume, College / University Degree Send a recent photo and passport information page to the Aston English Recruitment Department ( to speed up your application process.

Newly qualified teacher Aston English opportunities Competitive pay Free work visa Free accommodation Free Chinese lessons and paid vacation!

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