Excellent English teaching jobs are available in Chengdu, China

Excellent English teaching jobs are available in Chengdu, China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Good educational opportunities in the home of Chengdu, China and Panther. We offer free TEFL and Mandarin courses. Sichuan competitive salary is more than 14,000 in RMB 12000 yuan, visas, housing subsidies, health insurance, 5,000 yuan

Teacher asked:
1.18-60 year old native speaker with a university degree. There are professor experiences and confirmation of criminal records. (We are also willing to consider candidates with no title exception).
2. The 1st semester internship program is open to current students. (Interns must demonstrate their academic performance).

Enfly has his own school as a professional agent and has been working with kindergartens, public schools for children of all ages and schools for adults. Some faculty issues have different work schedules.

Job Description:
1. Kindergarten or public schools work from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. It takes 2 hours for lunch, and there is a free weekend. From Wednesday to Sunday from 1.30 to 21.30 at the training center. Business hours are included and are free on Mondays and Tuesdays. Total working hours: 40 hours or less per week.
2. School location: especially in Chengdu or other major cities of Sichuan.
3. The term of the contract is the first year.
4. Salary is RMB 14000 yuan from RMB 12000 yuan, according to the work of 20 hours to 40 hours per week. Additional time, additional charge, etc.

service :
Your first visa has been provided immediately
2. Free housing subsidy [Monthly payment of housing subsidy]
At the end of the contract, the travel allowance of the first grade is 3,000 yuan
Salary 4,10,000 won available
5. Paid and paid leave
6. Free injury insurance and half hospital insurance reimbursement
7. Make free reservations at the airport and book your accommodation in Chengdu for free before you go on an internship. Introduction to local life. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs helps daily work and work.
8. In general, winter and summer vacation in January, February, July and August. Class will be paid in 1 hour
9. Regardless of experience, we offer free training of professional learning materials and training programs

Contact: Zoe
Skype: z ouyi1415
Wechat: Sunshine 1415
Email: Applications@esl1.com.cn
Please forward this page via e-mail to add your preferred resume entry video, graduation or other credential

About Us :
Office: Enfly Placement, 10F-A-H, Guo Dong Guang Chang Qingyang District, Sichuan China Jindun Road No. 52 610041
Fixed telephone: 0086-28-86731104
Website: http://enflyeducation.com/

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