Hiring for fantastic public school English teaching positions in Shenzhen, China

Hiring for fantastic public school English teaching positions in Shenzhen, China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CNY 13,000 ~ 20,415 / month. - Please teach English as a foreign language in Shenzhen, China Public School! Enjoy the benefits of the 13 week PLUS LV program | Do it now in spring and fall semesters!
Public schools teach the work of Shenzhen
Now rent for February for public education in Shenzhen / August 12 for March 12 professor | Apply now!


Preferably starting date in February / March or August / September (this assumes all records of the opposite year and may have the opportunity to start at another time)
Competitive Salary and Housing Benefits
Visa work (Z)
Free weekend from Monday to Friday
Maximum: 18 lessons per week
Class last 45 minutes
Annual vacation 13 weeks
High school student (you can choose):

Pre-K / Kindergarten
Class 1-6 (Note)
Grades 7-9 (middle school)
Class 10-12 (high - this thing is soon to be filled!)

Class size: Approximately 50
Textbook: Teacher can choose course
Classroom with computer, projector, board, microphone
Action Request # ASZ1436

About Us
Our goal is to accelerate the process of cultural exchange and cultural education and promote students' professional vision and international competitiveness. Private Kindergarten and Class 1 Teacher A foreigner's plan for the English language in public schools comes to our attention on the 12th day. Our wish is not only to improve students' English, but also to promote understanding and international cooperation.
About Shenzhen

Twenty years ago, China has become one of the youngest vibrant cities and has become a forest with fields - Shenzhen is literally marked overnight on the Hong Kong border. Shenzhen Shenzhen Stock Exchange, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, has become the center of foreign direct investment in China, where technology and home industries have flourished. Proximity to Hong Kong and the prospect of economic opportunity in Shenzhen for that tropical climate is becoming one of the most popular destinations for foreigners to live and work.

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Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, the United States or the United States native speakers.
Bachelor's Degree (accredited and certified by the Chinese embassy)
2+ years of provable graduate experience - TESOL, TEFL, CELTA (notarized)
Confirm local police or federal criminal records (certified and certified by the Chinese embassy)
Outstanding physical and mental health


CNY 10,000 ~ 12,000 CNY Content (qualification equivalent experience)
Content of CNY 13,000 ~ 18,000 CNY may be obtained for applicants with advanced training qualifications
Monthly housing subsidy or accommodation
CNY 5,000 Refund Ticket (1 week after payment)
Social insurance and accident insurance
11 paid holidays per year
12 weeks of annual leave (4 weeks in case of vacation, 8 weeks in case of summer vacation)
Visa Z
Certified TEFL Certification
Experience Renewal Agreement
Weekly Chinese Class
Current Assessment and Teaching

How to apply
Please prepare the following materials to apply.

Recent photos
Scan a copy of passport information page
Scan your diploma
Scan your copy of your TEFL / TESOL certificate
Your current location and current time zone
You can use your earliest start date
Your Skype ID
Write a job description that applies to the subject of the e-mail (Z.B. "Shenzhen Public School" or work REQ # 1 ASZ1436).

Now start the adventure of China!

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