Huashang College Foreign English Teacher Recruitment in Guangzhou, China

Huashang College Foreign English Teacher Recruitment in Guangzhou, China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Recruitment of foreign teachers of Huashang College

Location: Guangzhou, China

- service

Initial salary: RMB8500-14000 yuan (16 hours per week, 45 minutes / period based on qualifications and experience)

Allocation of international travel

3. Modern and individual accommodation, internet connection from apartment (fee required)

Four multi-employment visas and residence permits (you pay a fee)

5. About 2 months for all national holidays and winter vacation and 2 months for summer vacation

6.Located in the city center, with convenient transportation and suburbs of the city.

- Requirements

1. Basic or native speakers (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan)

2. Copy of passport (information page)

3. Copy your title (over BA)

4. Two years of teaching experience is desirable but not essential (including references)

5. New medical report (valid for half year)

6. Copy of your resume (month and year details)

7. Certificate scans issued by the host country for non-criminal records (valid for half a year)

8. For teachers already in China, a recommendation from your current employer

6 passport photos upon arrival

- College Information:

Huashang College is a private, independent university founded in April 2004 with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. Guangdong University of Finance and Economy and Guangzhou Sun City Group co-founded.

The university is located on Licheng Street in the city of Guangzhou with 22,000 student organizations. The area is beautiful and traffic is convenient. The campus covers 80 hectares of land with over 500,000 buildings. Under US standards, the university created a field and track playground with a standard 400 meters and sports fields such as basketball, badminton and volleyball.

The university's excellent teaching methods and living environment are responding to the indoor environment filled with fresh fruit trees that are fresh throughout the year. The perfect blend of campus and nature provides an ideal place for students to learn the truth and acquire knowledge.

Once you submit your application, we will send you the documents as soon as possible.
Huashang College Guangdong University of Finance and Economics
Human Resources,
No. 1 Huashang Road, Licheng Street, Zengcheng 511300,
Guangzhou, China
Contact: Tomzhang
Wechat: zh395591031
Skype: tomzhang1896
Tel: 0086-20-82669966
Web: http: //

• Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
• Do not specify a personal tutorial experience.
• Official copies are required after receipt.
• You must specify your class time (CELTA, TESOL).

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