Art Life Education Group in Hefei, China is looking for English teachers

Art Life Education Group in Hefei, China is looking for English teachers

Date of Job Posted: Friday, March 23, 2018

Art Life Education Group is one of China's leading educational institutions focusing on the arts, language and physical strength of children from 3 to 14 years old in Hefei, China. Founded in 2012, more than 90 locations in operation are highly regarded by students and parents. We have a welcoming talent that accompanies us to a fast growing path.

Our language education division, V-Ron English, brought all of Pearson's materials. The course is carefully designed to incorporate the advantages of the American curriculum system and Chinese culture. Chinese and international teachers work together to maximize efficiency, and students and parents are loved by each teacher because they are more useful than animators. To find out more about us at

Headquartered in Hefei, Anhui, we are also seeking expansion in urban areas such as Nanjing and Hangzhou. This allows the teacher to explore other cities if desired. There are a few pictures of our working environment.

We are now looking for teachers to meet your requirements:

l English as a native language
l A healthy and loving lesson with your child
l Undergraduate or higher
l Owner of TEFL / TESOL or other priority certificate
I liked my child's educational experience for two years.

Post content:
Designing lessons according to given content and achieving the purpose of lessons efficiently
Apply various teaching methods in the classroom and respond flexibly to changes
Participation in social activities with students hosted by the school
l Up to 40 hours a day, including 40 hours of classroom instruction plus working hours
l Seven to fifteen students from 3 to 14 years old per class
l A variety of textbooks and well-equipped classrooms
l Support will be provided

Salary Package:
Fixed salary of 13,000 yuan per month
Monthly bonus based on performance up to 1440 yuan
New signup bonus after demo class
l Payment for Chinese holidays
l Ticket Renewal Ticket 5,000 yuan
l Commercial insurance
Procedures for applying for a work visa
l Tips on searching and mapping houses
Continuing education and professional development
If you are interested, please contact below.

Wechat: 18155116229

If you want to save your fortune and want a valuable experience, we are your choice.

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