ESL TEACHERS URGENTLY required by Schools in China

ESL TEACHERS URGENTLY required by Schools in China

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2018

It is a great opportunity for experienced and experienced faculty and graduates to enter the exciting and enthusiastic international ESL education market.

International Teachers Plus works with a nationally recognized and respected educational consulting firm headquartered in Shanghai, China. As a member of China Education Consulting Company, we have earned a reputation for diligence and diligence. They help differentiate themselves from other educational institutions by providing comprehensive services to foreign teachers. They currently have over 2,000 customers in the school's database. Clients include public and private kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, educational centers, corporate clients, and renowned international schools.

They provide attractive faculty opportunities for foreign language education professionals and help them to experience the best that China has to offer. They sign employment contracts with successful applicants and manage all HR responsibilities, including recruitment, work visas, orientation, initial and continuing education benefits and salary management (including salaries, health insurance and annual / seasonal bonuses).

* Business details: *

Working hours: 25 hours a week + 15 hours working time
Employee is free two days a week
Employees can apply for OVERTIME days or extra teaching hours
Contract period is renewable for 1 year

* Requirements : *

Bachelor Degree Required (All Areas)
Two years of practical experience (teaching preferred)
Basic English is preferable
English Language Certification (ESL, TEFL, TOEFL, CELTA, etc.)
Candidates must have a passport or residence card from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa (due to visa restrictions)
Excellent communication skills and presentation skills

* Advantages : *

Native English speakers pay 25,000 RMB ($ 3,946 USD) depending on qualifications and experience Up to 18,000 RMB ($ 2,841 USD) for native English speakers

Seasonal Bonus: If the seasonal bonus meets all requirements, the employee will be reimbursed up to RMB 1500 ($ 237) every three months

Termination of contract award: Employee will be awarded a final salary of 7,000 yuan ($ 1,105 USD) bonus at the end of the one-year contract specified on the contract date

Contract bonus update: Employees are charged RMB 4,000 ($ 631)

5-day hotel stay for educational / cultural immersion school / apartment placement in Shanghai (prior to contract start date)

Housing: Accommodation is only available on the third and fourth floor cities. Cities on the first and second floor will help you find the right apartment by using a trusted specialist who worked in the past.

Medical insurance for basic Chinese insurance staff within 30 days from the first contract date. This insurance covers accidental insurance, inpatient and patient service

Paid Leave: Employees have five days of personal vacation per year, and Chinese national holidays on the 11th. The basic salary is normally paid during private vacation and vacation

Provided by school for work visa (Z visa) staff only

To apply:

Please send your detailed CV to * WORD FORMAT * with the following information on your resume:

Photo of head and shoulders
date of birth
Presence of a spouse
Contact information (email and phone)
Skype ID (for interview)

All educational qualifications, including your degree completion year and the name and location of participating universities. Your bachelor's degree is important. You must include specialized subjects.
If you have license information, please
ESL certificate (name of facility and year of receipt)
All educational and work experience, including the name, location, and date of employment of the institution.

* Write your CV: *

* The only candidate to meet the position requirements
BE CONTACTED * Visa restrictions may apply.

International Teachers Plus offers professionals from a full-time, experienced faculty team with years of practical experience in the Middle East. We work closely with you to determine the best position and school. We take your right foot off your dream adventure and help you learn and guide you overseas. We will also provide friendly and professional support immediately upon submission of your application.

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