Well established English training center with a focus on teaching young students English in China

Well established English training center with a focus on teaching young students English in China

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, March 25, 2018

The teacher needed to teach infants in Mindan-gang, China: 13000 - 17000 yuan / month

The Mudanjiang Roki School in Heilongjiang Province, China, requires two teachers in June / July 2018.

Rocky English Mundanje is a well-established center of English language education that focuses on teaching English to young learners. Rocky is working closely with unauthorized kindergarten to provide quality education.

Rewards and benefits
• Salary: 13000-17000 won (by qualification and experience)
• 25 lessons per week.
• Overtime of 120 yuan
• Two weeks of paid annual leave
• Free accommodation during the working hours and free meals
• Visa provided
• Disaster insurance
• End-of-year bonus 6,000 won

Professional qualifications

• Canadian, American native speakers. USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NZ, SOUTH AFRICA (only English teachers are subject to visa restrictions)
• University degree. Applicants with a one or two year college degree are also eligible
• Crime background check
Responsibility must be patient and creative
• I want to work with young children. Most classes have children ages 3 to 7.
• Teachers must participate in planning and training every week
• be healthy

Against unauthorized

Peony is located in the northern part of Heilongjiang, with a population of about 1 million. Restaurants, coffee shops, beautiful parks and western bars are easy to find. You can take a rest on the holiday. On weekends, there are a number of exciting attractions that you can explore for hours on Lake Jinpo and underground forests. In winter, you can also travel 4 hours west of the train to see the world famous Harbin Ice Festival. If you are looking for a comfortable working environment in a comfortable city and a much lower cost of living than a big city in China, then the Rocky Mountains are a good choice. The Colorado Language School, Mudanjiang Management, is committed to ensuring that all teachers receive the support they need to make a good living.

To apply, please send a copy of your passport, CV title to waynefong53@hotmail.com

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