ESL teacher needed in China. Offer (up to 15000RMB/month + bonuses) with free clean apartments and Z-Visa

ESL teacher needed in China. Offer (up to 15000RMB/month + bonuses) with free clean apartments and Z-Visa

Date of Job Posted: Monday, March 26, 2018

Work for S1 in beautiful Qinhuangdao. We offer clean, free private apartments and a Z visa (RMB12,000 / month for beginner grade 15,000RMB / month + bonus).

We offer

Our books are written through the course of training to arrive according to the guidelines for effective exploration. This mixes with teacher observation and continuous learning.

-12000 / month Basic level of elementary school teachers is up to 15,000 depending on experience.

- We also offer 1000 RMB / month and 2 year contract. The first salary of the contract period is 13,000 yuan / month.

- Grade 2 teachers receive course fees. 2RMB / student / attendance is delivered monthly. This will be increased by 1 yuan per new contract.

-1,000RMB for the renewal of one year.

Two additional days of vacation due to contract renewal

Give the demo bonus demo class and 30RMB each time you log in for student observation. 10RMB increase in contract extension.

Monthly performance compensation

- The free community of non-residents is near the school because of the new development.

-8000RMB Flying Compensation / Year

- Help me meet at the airport and reach agreement.


- We provide a 10 day break. Holidays About 30 days of public holidays and holidays that are paid in connection with weekends take a long time to travel.

21 lessons per week + 35 hours of working time.

Your rating

- American native speakers USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand.

- Bachelor and / or TESOL, CELTA or TEFL First Certificate.

- Those with experience


We have been opening for five years, and a few months later we opened a second school.
We teach students from 3 years old to adult.
Our curriculum:
Pearson from 3 to 6 years old "My little island" is used.
We use Pearson "Our Discovery Island" - from 7 to 12 years old.
- We are using Pearson's "In Sync".
Adults use "top level" by Pearson.
All series are equipped with detailed, transparent textbooks and interactive digital books based on IWB's education.
Our school offers several environments that you can use with your class. There are airports, subways, restaurants, trains, shops with shops, and libraries. Using this environment as a complement to class is a great tool for teachers and a great learning experience for students.

The City

The city we found is called Qinhuangdao (Qinhuangdao). It is a coastal city not far from Beijing (2 hours and 30 minutes by train).
The city is known for its charm such as Baidaihe, the starting point of Laolongtou Great Wall, the first step under the Great Wall of China, which attracts many tourists every year. It is located directly on the Bai Da He Sea. There are restaurants on the summer night with beautiful lighting restaurants, live shows, beach fire, beach, lounge and bar. The weather is nice. Summer is not hot and winter is not cold. Qinhuangdao is also very low in living costs and is ideal for reducing costs.

If you are interested, please email olivierdelages1 @

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