Offering hot English teaching positions in Hangzhou and Zhejiang, China

Offering hot English teaching positions in Hangzhou and Zhejiang, China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Beginning of September 2018

Zhejiang University of Hangzhou, China Helen TEFLEn Network (CTN) is the largest foreign recruitment agency registered with the State Administration of Foreign Experts and now offers hot dishes in the above cities. These proposals include training at all levels of the low working hours.

Training Anyone with at least two years of teaching experience in and outside China is considered. However, qualified people are especially welcome.

With 17 years of teaching experience and a major recruitment agency for foreign language teachers, CTN offers full packages to teachers and coaches. The package includes getting your work visa, accommodation, social security and handling all formal procedures and documents, as well as traveling in and out of China.

Employment package
Education: Degree holder (or above)
Major: Non-Specific Education
Age: 25-60
Nationality: United Kingdom United Kingdom Canada Australia New Zealand Other (if candidate is eligible)
Language: English Spanish German Japanese Korean
Course: Art Dance Football PE
1. 30 oral English teachers with 2 to 5 years of teaching experience
International course with 2.5 years of teaching experience (IB A-Level, ACT, SAT, AP, etc.) 10 teachers
3. 15 teachers in elective courses such as music, dance, art, soccer, computer science, and cooking
4. 10 minority language teachers such as German, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese

The moment when a contract of work is provided: before arrival
The contract period is 1 year (from September 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019)
Workplace: Campus
Workload: Maximum time: 80 hours / month (up to 16 classes in most public schools)
Collection time: 15th of the following month
Individual monthly income (RMB): Full salary package including monthly salary, transportation, accommodation, international ticket allowance, insurance ...
1. Elementary / Intermediate Oral English Teacher RMB 7,500-12,000
2. The RMB of international professors (IB, A level, ACT, SAT, AP, etc.) is 16,000-26,000 won
3. 9,500 ~ 12,000 yuan for teacher of elective courses such as music, dance, art, football, team,
4. Teachers of ethnic minorities from 9,500 to 12,000 won including German, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese
Refund of 5000 RMB Ticket upon signing of one year contract.
Boarding: Most teacher campus on / off / shared home.

Possible candidates and stakeholders include a detailed curriculum copy of the financial statement, a TEFL / TESOL certificate, a training license, a passport photo page, a criminal record pledge, and other documents equivalent to on the topic "Teaching in Hangzhou and Zhejiang"


China TEFL Network Human Resources
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Fax: + 86-571-8823 4517
Add: 16th Flr, Blue Sky Business Center, 18 # Moganshan Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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