Looking for English teachers with ambition, dedication and commitment to teaching English in China

Looking for English teachers with ambition, dedication and commitment to teaching English in China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

English teachers - move to China

OZLINK Education Start your adventure in China
Chinese aid visa, accommodation provision, personal service
Ticket Refund
There is no experience requirement of teaching

On paper

OZLINK Education is Australia's talent brokering agency that specializes in qualified English teachers with varying status throughout China. We have been working with revised schools to help teachers transition smoothly into new roles.

We are recruiting people who have a willingness to be an ambitious dedicated professor. They have a strong presence in the class and high expectations for all students. We believe that each child can do his or her best to increase his or her expectations in order to ensure that all students acquire their skills and confidence. Teachers should strive to achieve each student's potential.

This role requires the following:

Bachelor and English as native speakers and recognized as TESOL / TEFL / ESL / CELTA
Love for early childhood education
Child checked current job (or equivalent)
Ready to move to China
Graduates can apply now

Here are some of the good things you can do at OZLINK Education as a Chinese Overseas Teacher.

Reserve a refund for your flight Prepare for flight
In elementary, high school, and SEN schools, you will find a variety of internships that will suit your availability, skills, and ideals.
Complete training orientation program on arrival before starting work
China Curriculum Training and OZLINK Education Continuing Support of Higher Education Institutions
You can experience China in a flexible work environment so that you can improve your Chinese education ability and resume.
China Visa Assistance, accommodation provision, customized service Support for learning Chinese life
China's National Health Service Whole Medical Insurance
Excellent net profit (according to qualifications and experience)
Trusted Transport Card
Update bonuses and contract performance
A fun, comprehensive social event to meet other teachers from abroad

Are you waiting for you in OZLINK training?

Multicultural and diverse cities
I can always do something
Access throughout China
Your own class! China is full of kindergarten, elementary school, high school, school where today's teacher is necessary!

If you believe that your transfer to China is of interest to you, please contact us at yy.liu @ ozlinkedu.com or call 61 961 088 0451!

Today, start your wonderful trip to China to send your CV

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