English Teachers Needed in China to Tech Pre-K,K1, K2 Kindergarten students

English Teachers Needed in China to Tech Pre-K,K1, K2 Kindergarten students

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Company Description

Windsor House Kindergarten is a new job and positive from the outside with the education and professionalism at the forefront of the school. To develop the skills needed to prepare children for a prosperous future, we create a comprehensive team culture to create effects in a harmonious environment.

Our mission is to provide an excellent thorough independent education through a balanced curriculum in a friendly and lively and stimulating environment, operated by professionals. Our goal is to promote learning and maximize the potential of each child.

We are confident that every employee, regardless of location, really needs to evaluate the members of our team and have a voice in school. This is a great opportunity to be part of some dynamic team of decision-making processes that affect the development of professionals and the entire school.

Job Description

Classes for kindergarten students - PreK, K1, K2
Teach the same class all year round
Monday through Friday (08: 30-17: 00)
Enchanting time planning
Creating a rich learning environment in the classroom
Assess the student's progress
Student Report Writing
Parents who are involved in child development
Participate in parents' night and other school events

Candidate's requirements

Please keep your passport in the United Kingdom and the United States. USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland,
Two years of teaching experience (not very likely to be a very strong candidate)
CELTA / TEFL Professor Certificate
A. Degree (English major and PGCE are very desirable)
No criminal record
May start before February 23, 2018
Passion for education
Contributing Ready to develop academic skills
You can provide at least two verifiable references

Note: Applicants working for the first time in China. Diplomas, training certificates and criminal records must be accredited by the Chinese embassy in your country of origin.


Summer vacation and winter vacation vacation
Month 14,000-17,000
1,000 performance bonuses per month
3,000 housing subsidies
10,000 Final Contract Award (for 1 year contract)
25,000 bonus at the end of the contract (2 year contract)
Ticket Reward
Paid vacation
Monday to Friday (08: 30-17: 00)
Lunch 5 hours
Health Insurance
Only one hour of work per day
Possibility to earn 60% commission on night class (optional)
Opportunity to ride during summer and winter vacation (optional)
We provide full working visa

Email: Windsor House Academy < Windsor_h@163.com >

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