Full-time training center English teacher and public school English teacher to start ASAP in China

Full-time training center English teacher and public school English teacher to start ASAP in China

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2018

We are a small English language training center with three partners in Kiwi, Canada and China. We developed our own curriculum because we were not satisfied with what other schools were teaching. Our school has been growing steadily for four years, and we are continuing to grow. We are working with some kindergartens or elementary schools, and we have gained a high reputation in the community. Beyond the classroom, we are producing a series of educational videos that are very popular with students and parents.

Our students are usually 4 to 10 years old. Our classrooms have smart boards for interactive and fun learning.

> Start the day n. ° 1 - Full-time teacher as soon as possible

Working hours: Classes are held between 15:00 and 20:00 Monday on Friday, with a maximum of 20 lessons per week and 2 days per week between 10:00 and 20:00 on weekends. External holidays.

Salary - 14,000 ~ 18,000 yuan, depending on experience and qualification. If you want, how to do overtime.

> Open employment n. ° 2: Full-time public school teachers begin in September.

Class time: Classes are held from 8:00 am, Monday to Friday. 40 lessons per week at 3 hours maximum 20 hours. Those who wish to work overtime on holidays can organize secondary education.

Salary - 14,000 ~ 16,000 yuan depending on experience and qualification.

Qualified teachers are required because they can provide the correct work visa!
To be eligible for China's legal visa requirements, you must be a citizen of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. You should be able to get a clear criminal record check. A degree is required.

For more information, please send your CV to adam@dinokids.com.

I will leave it up to you.

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