Children’s Tales Kindergarten in Beijing, China, is looking for full-time English teacher

Children’s Tales Kindergarten in Beijing, China, is looking for full-time English teacher

Date of Job Posted: Friday, March 30, 2018

Children's Fairy Tale Kindergarten in Beijing, China is looking for a full-time teacher. The story of the children has 10 kindergartens near Beijing, and each kindergarten has clean, modern and child friendly environment with Chinese and foreign teachers delightfully concerned staff. (Note: we are a direct employer, no agency).

Requirements :

- North America, British, Australians, New Zealand. My mother tongue and first words are English. (You can speak English without a clear accent although English is not your first language.

- You are the "child of the child". You can work with social, friendly, fun, young children.

- They are dynamic and energetic and can be applied to all situations.

Patients who are good team leaders work with others and work well.

- I hope to learn and adapt culturally.

- Fast and diligent in the execution of assigned classes and the preparation of class responsibilities.

- Make a one-year contract. ;

Note: Learning and adapting do not require one experience to prepare.

Business hours / day
-8: 00 ~ 05.30 Monday to Friday.
Saturday and Sunday are free. Every day from 12:00 to 14:30 There is a rest for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

vacation :
- Chinese Spring Festival receives two days of payment
- There are officially approved 8-day vacations such as Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and New Year.
- I get two days from Christmas Day payment.
- I get a two-week refund to renew my contract.
- Helps you obtain a legal employment visa as long as you have a minimum qualification and BA qualification
- While you are working in the history of children in China, we guarantee you.

Salary :
- for new and / or unskilled teachers
- We offer the first salary from RMB 13,000 to RMB 14,000. (We offer free training for new teachers).
An experienced teacher
- the first salary of 15,000 yuan 20 thousand yuan per month.
For qualified teachers who are qualified in the field of early education,
- 20000RMB to 27000RMB initial salary.

Wechat / phone number 15010151846

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