Seeking Corporate English Instructor in Tianjin/Beijing, China

Seeking Corporate English Instructor in Tianjin/Beijing, China

Date of Job Posted: Friday, March 30, 2018

Job Title: Corporate English Instructor (Project Based)
Location: Tianjin / Beijing, CHINA

1. Operation:
- Learn and understand the pedagogy of everyday educational enterprises.
- Use lessons to distribute topics / information to commercial clients on a case-by-case basis.
- Provide an interactive, expert guidance session for enterprise customers in each session.
- Improve personal skills and continuously improve to train employees in more difficult future projects.
- provide regular reports on the progress of the client and / or needs of the client in everyday English education.
- Daily English enhances the reputation of the company through excellent customer service and professionalism of corporate clients.

2 Required degree and experience:
- Bachelor's degree in English language education or related (above master's degree).
- Adult education or business education experience.
- English qualification (TESOL, CELTA, etc.) is preferable
- Good work History-related experience is strongly supported.
- Some services or service areas take precedence.

3. Technology, knowledge and experience:
- Preparation and expertise are absolutely necessary.
- Experience in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
- Required to improve and / or edit data at client's request.
- Ability to measure student progress / level for appropriate communication in response to student needs.
- Ability to communicate clearly with students in a professional manner, regardless of level.
- Providing excellent customer service and ensuring high satisfaction.
We need to calmly collect in difficult situations.
- Be able to perform multiple tasks in a high stress environment.
- Class sessions should be organized and organized to maximize knowledge efficiency and dissemination.
- be able to circumvent the schedule of the client and / or the daily training company.
- Participate in evaluation and / or training events, if necessary.

4. Daily Education Company can provide:
- An environment that leads to personal and professional growth.
- freedom to improve and use your creative side (with checks and balances)

If you are interested in this position. Please send a copy of your letter and CV to in English. Please contact us at 010-65766646.

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