Seeking English instructors who share our enthusiasm for teaching English creatively in China

Seeking English instructors who share our enthusiasm for teaching English creatively in China

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 31, 2018

Guangdong Peizheng University is known for its excellent education and specializes in English.

Our beautiful university is surrounded by mountains on campus overlooking the castle Jii located in the quiet countryside of Chinny (25 minutes from Huadu).

Over 45-50 leaders from overseas are proud to introduce a wide range of our teachers' experiences. We are currently recruiting trainers who share a passion for teaching English in a creative way.

The Ministry of Education has been awarded the National Prize of the Guangdong University Peizheng, Guangdong Private University Top Ten for excellence in advanced educational institutions, excelling in terms of school students of employment. Peizheng College ranked Guangdong in China by 2014, ranking among the top 50 private universities in China by the alumni association in China.

You can learn more at our website:

Thank you for your interest in Guangdong Peizheng University. We are waiting for your request.

service :

1. The monthly salary starts from 8500-12000RMB and is subject to tax credit based on qualifications and experience. Annual salary is also increased in the university.

2. The average class size is 20 students.

3. Free use of apartments in central Hong Kong.

4. Free clinics and campus health insurance (health insurance covers cases of accidental injury or illness).

5. Monthly salary at the end of annual contract.

6. Free Mandarin Lessons.


Difficulty and many years of college beginners, intermediate, and advanced students are taught.

The basic contract includes 20 hours of English and 2 lessons per week. Class 1 is about 45 minutes.

Depending on your background and job experience, you can teach special subjects or special English courses. Examples of current courses include introduction to theater arts, hotel business English, principles of American law, and the introduction of creative writing.


1. English native language (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa).

2. Acquire a bachelor's degree or higher from your country of origin.

3. 2 years of teaching experience, certificate of professors or TEFL / TESOL certification.

Under 4.59 years.

How to apply:

If you are interested, please send the following article to Human Resources

1. Continue
2. Copy of passport
3. Copy and view a copy of the certificate
4. Referrals from current or previous employers
5. Current picture
6. Download the application form.

Contact :
Recruitment Manager
TEL: + 86-20-86710135
FAX: + 86-20-86710905
Address: China Guangzhou Huadu County Chini City, Peizheng Avenue 53 # Zip Code: 510830

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