Full-time Native English Teacher role at one of Hong Kong's leading premium English learning centres

Full-time Native English Teacher role at one of Hong Kong's leading premium English learning centres

Date of Job Posted: Monday, April 2, 2018

Professors in Asia are the main institutions for giving English to Asia. A full-time part-time job connects you to a recognized educational institution. The latest recruitment is as follows: www.facebook.com/teachinasiaTIA

This is a full-time native speaker in Hong Kong's main English language learning center.

Key Responsibilities:

Programming, Robotics, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Design *
Provide individual academic training for students
Manage individual student portfolios and conduct ongoing student assessments
Give students advice on charitable projects, internships, and other personal activities
Sometimes I talk to my parents effectively
Curriculum development process and unit planning collaboration
Introducing courses and services for future students, parents, and community partners

* All courses are in English

Important requirements:

At least 2 years experience in kindergarten to grade 6 education
At least 5 years experience in technology, engineering and health care
Those who have a bachelor's degree and whose native language is fluent in English
Some educational experience in kindergarten,
Passionate about education and guidance of children and youth
Proven Academic Excellence and Creative and Critical Thinking
Proven leadership and service experience

Strong interpersonal skills and motivation and cooperation with others
Outstanding sentences and verbal communication skills
We take active initiatives to develop curriculum and build community.


Past experience as a teacher at IB and international schools
Experience of IB PYP and MYP courses
PGD ​​E, PGCE education teacher or similar qualification
Creative art and innovative scientific work experience
Educational Technology Curriculum Design, Educational Research, Education, Interest in Cognitive Psychology
Ability to connect with children and parents
Thriving in a collaborative environment
Continue to learn to learn professional development


Hong Wan Chai


Competitive pay for qualifications and experience

Email: Galant Ng < candidate@teach-in-asia.com >

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