Looking for Full Time English Language Teacher in China - Lecture/Senior Lecture

Looking for Full Time English Language Teacher in China - Lecture/Senior Lecture

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018

Founded in 1952, Northeast Economic and Trade University (DUFE) is one of China's leading universities of finance, business, administration and tourism.

GIME's main responsibilities are studying abroad, international student education, internationalization innovation in secondary education, and cross-border international education research.

We are trying to develop the most international and influential educational institutions.
We are committed to connecting with world-renowned universities and providing public study abroad.
We strive to achieve excellence by providing a reliable and reliable place to study abroad.
We are committed to achieve excellence in providing services to government, universities, and universities in general.

evaluation :
Masters degree in Linguistics, Education, English or other titles related to ESL.
Experience teaching higher education or advanced placement.
Applicants whose preferred teaching experience is more than two years.
The teaching experience in Asia is desirable
Knowledge of the higher education quality assurance process.
Ability to hold work, initiative and work under work pressure with colleagues at work
Instability to share teaching strategies and respond flexibly.
Compensation model
We offer a very competitive pay package that adapts to the best universities in China. Our salary ranges from RMB12000 to RMB15000 per month.
B. Retirement, health and subsidy insurance and paid leave.
We offer campus free accommodation or equivalent housing subsidies.

English Academic Achievement: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking.
Flexibility of use of specific curriculum and curriculum using student-centered teaching methods to improve students' English proficiency.
Plan, provide, and critically review various teaching activities and evaluation activities appropriate for students.
Rapid classification and recognition of credit follow-up tests and appropriate criticism of students in accordance with evaluation criteria.
Provide regular counseling and other types of extracurricular lessons for students who want advice, assistance, and advice about their grades.
Participate in peer observation or other educational projects to improve the map.

Applying for a work visa in China

According to China's new visa application process, new employees must have a diploma and non-criminal certificate certified by Chinese Embassy / Consulate.

Application Procedure

To apply, please send cover letter, CV and 2 references to gime_hr@163.com

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