Employment of foreign English teachers at kindergartens in China

Employment of foreign English teachers at kindergartens in China

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018

Welcome to Huashang! • High Talent Early Learning Training Group

Adoption of Foreign Teachers in Kindergarten

Possession of a work permit or a work visa.
Foreign teachers have English (England, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

Bachelor's degree or higher, TEFL or Tesol certificate, accent and image are good.

2 years or more relevant work experience preferred
I am healthy and loving between 20 and 40 years old.

About Us
Huashang • The Early Childhood Education Group is the most important initiative in the development of the Huashang Education Group's Children's Education Project. The group has recently operated three kindergartens, including the best childhood talents in the garden as the best talent of kindergarten Tianyue located in the street of Dongguan District, Kindergarten Qihang in Xintang Road Huitaizhong Haizhu Gu Bao City. The group also owns an art center - Tuoyi Children Art Center.

Tuohui educators always believe in our educational concept. In accordance with the child's upbringing needs, we create an international language learning environment in school. Our curriculum is based on multiple intelligence theories and the game is based on the principle of "play and learn." We focus on the mental development of our class children and enrich the emotional experience. Depending on the habit of preparing students who are prepared to fulfill their responsibilities and expectations as a global citizen, the curriculum,

Huashang • There is a group of professional education researchers who are developing rapidly and have a good early education group. Experts in the field of early childhood education share the theory of continuing education and practical experience. We cooperate with the group's support and Huashang Educational Information Exchange and Early Childhood Education with the Australian Global Business University (GBCA) Early Childhood Education Department. We are developing routines of everyday work and management using advanced ideas of international education.

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