English teachers needed in China, High paying jobs from 10k to 18k, No degree or teaching experience required

English teachers needed in China, High paying jobs from 10k to 18k, No degree or teaching experience required

Date of Job Posted: Friday, April 6, 2018

High paying profession from 10k to 18k in Chinese big cities. Free Stay Free + Mandarin Class + Transfer + Insurance + Work Visa + Free tozuru assistance. Degrees and teaching experience are not required. Please join!

Did you find it?
- It is very difficult to find a very good job, even if you do not have a degree but you do not have a degree.
In order to draw the attention of executives to the promotion of your business, you only have to work very hard and do overtime every day, but you find that your efforts on potential career moves are wasted.
- By broadening your horizons in overseas travel, shopping or doing what you want, you can not save money even if you work overtime every day

Have you ever considered change?
- Why is it possible to enjoy different lifestyles in one of the world's most potential countries?
Why do not you teach your English in this beautiful country and give up your tired work to get all the respect of China and challenge your new job?

Now, the HR of foreigners is making your dreams come true. Foreigner HR is the most famous Foreign Language Enterprise (ESL) founded in 2005 in Beijing and is always looking for adventurous staff to get good opportunities and improve their lives. There are opportunities for professors in Beijing and throughout China. Here's more:
1: location: the center of Beijing near subway or other city
2: Contract period: flexible, but at least 6 months
3: Class size: 8 to 10 children per class
4: Age: Children from 3 to 12 years old
5: Start date: Any time
6: Working hours: Kindergarten is closed from Monday to Friday, on weekends on two days, from Wednesday to Sunday on training, on Monday and Tuesday for two days.
7: Requirements: As long as you are ready to study, you do not need a TEFL certificate, certification or educational experience.
8: Salary: According to teacher's qualification, you can pay tax from 8,000RMB to 18,000RMB per month for free accommodation.
Keep in mind: The salary is $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 per month. The average person in China is a good salary for you because you can not earn only 2000RMB to 3000RMB. The cost of living in a Chinese city is very low. Even in large cities (especially compared to the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand), it is easy to spend a lot on travel. Pay your debts or lays up savings.
9: Follow our guide without title or TEFL and a work visa is provided
10: Arrival at the airport upon arrival, Arrival in Beijing
11: Chinese holidays are paid 20 days a year
12: If you sign the annual contract, you will receive a 6000 hula site bonus. 8000 per second
13: TEFL certificate and reference letter at annual contract
14: Provide training courses and hire Korean language helpers
15: Running Training

Today is the day to change your life and enjoy new things. It is all possible to guide you to ForeignERHR here.

Please send the following documents to apply.
1: Continue
2: last one
3: Copy of passport

1: Email: 710683745@qq.com
2: Wechat: 18201268793
3: Skype: peterxingxing1

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