University English/German/French/Japanese/Korean/Russian Instructor Recruitment - Northeast China

University English/German/French/Japanese/Korean/Russian Instructor Recruitment - Northeast China

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, April 8, 2018

English / German / French / Japanese / Korean / Russian - Recruitment of University Teachers in Northeast China

University: Marriage school (private college) of Jilin Normal University

Job Description
1. Workload: 18 lessons per week (2 hours + 45 minutes class)
2. Working hours: According to your schedule
Day 3 Holidays: Weekends and Summer and Winter Holiday Holidays
4. English / German / French / Japanese / Korean / Russian Primary school students are taught and the average class size is less than 30
5. Prepare test questions and mark them
6. Participate in English / German / French / Japanese / Korean / Russian Shoe Corner
7. Strict application of educational requirements and university standards
8. Attend teacher meetings regularly according to the section of the curriculum
9. Term of contract: Extension for 1 semester (11 months)
10. Work place and accommodation: Campus

First Age: Under 59
Second language: native language
3. Nationality: native language
4. Degree: Degree or more
5. Major: There is no limit to native speakers. Teacher's education, language or literature desirable
6. Professional experience: more than 2 years of teaching and teaching experience

First salary: Bachelor 6,000-6500 won Master 6500-7000 yuan, doctor 7000 yuan or more.
2. Overtime: 80 RMB / lesson
3. Holidays and holidays: more than 3 months
4. Insurance:
a. Medical Accident Injury Clinic
b. Accidental Death and Disability
c. Treatment for hospitalized patients
5. Flying compensation: 8000-10000 won / year
6. Travel allowance: 2200 yuan per year
7. Physical examination: twice a year
8. Accommodation:
a. It is a free apartment with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.
b. Required furniture and fixtures: TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, shower, kitchenware, heating.
9. Free water and heat
10. Free Chinese Course: Twice a week
11. All foreign teachers are assisted by a student assistant

(Note: Prepare all necessary documents for Z visa and residence permit)

How to apply:
If you are interested, please e-mail the following documents (Xiaoguang)
1. Continue
2. Copy of passport
3. Copy and view a copy of the certificate
4. Referrals from current or previous employers
5. Current picture

Shipping address: 217-3 Guoyuan Street, Tiexi District, Saihe City, Jilin Province, China
Postal Code: 136000
Tel: 0086-434-3292528
Official site: http: //

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