Hiring foreign English teachers to join our growing team in Beijing, China - Established 15 years ago

Hiring foreign English teachers to join our growing team in Beijing, China - Established 15 years ago

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, April 8, 2018

Negotiate directly with Beijing School. No agent. Well-established school. Superior working environment: For more information, please visit our website.


We hire foreign teachers and join the growing Beijing team! Aihua has grown to more than 50 foreign professors and 100 Chinese employees, established 15 years ago. Strong support and training is the perfect place to start in China's first. I want to meet you in our society.

Most classes have a maximum of 8 students, and teachers follow a collaborative curriculum supplementing interactive whiteboards and rich multimedia resources. Foreign teachers work with a local teacher who acts as a bridge between school and parents.

Foreign teachers are employed for 90 lessons (45-50 minutes) per month. Our teachers usually teach about 20 hours a week. It is not working hours, but the teacher is well prepared to attend classes and attend training and weekly meetings.

Wages and salaries;

Competitive - More Bonuses
Health Insurance
Work visa
Target flight

There are many reasons why you choose us over other schools.

- We always deal fairly with the teacher. We recognize fair trade reputation as the most important resource. Above all, I am grateful for the honor and reputation of our school. Read the blog on our website and the teacher of the social network.


- We are in the management of the West. This distinguishes us from many other schools in China. This creates a more relaxed and transparent work environment for our foreign teachers.

- We have a pleasant and enjoyable professional work environment and provide comprehensive support to foreign teachers in all aspects of life and education.

- We have an established curriculum and conditions are established. At the beginning of the period, the teacher receives a schedule per period. The teacher books the student to the students who book the book. A clear course plan is displayed that explains the teacher's pace.

- A wide range of multimedia resources for each unit of each program is provided to the teacher.

- Class is small to 8 people. Experienced and informative Chinese teachers work together, and in these small classes you can support foreign teachers and learn about your students.

- Education, administration and management have three professional development courses for teachers who want to do more important things in our school.

- Free Professional Mandarin Lessons We have an in-house Chinese teacher who has a Chinese degree in a second foreign language. It will help you learn a local language soon.

If you are interested in Aihua's work, write to recruitment manager Robert Warman (robert@aihu-a-english.com or robert-warman@outlook.com)

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