US/UK based company in China with on-ground support needs English teachers

US/UK based company in China with on-ground support needs English teachers

Date of Job Posted: Monday, April 9, 2018

Flexible launch, competitive reward package, please support on-site support Hangzhou China! Xplore is an international exchange organization with offices in USA, UK, Germany and China.

WHAT SPECIFIC MAKES: We have offices in Hangzhou which provide local support in the form of language training, monthly professional development and cultural orientation. We are a small company and we handle your experience.

Eligibility Required:

native speaker
One year's motivation to move to China
Openness to learn about new culture
Passion for cultural exchanges and new experiences
Flexibility in new environments
A formal or informal teaching experience of hope * No need *

Advantages of the program:

China Work Visa - Z Visa
Based on your experience, monthly maintenance (10,000-12,000 RM)
Free stay on foot from teacher's school
Five individual dates in addition to all the holidays in China
Comprehensive Health Insurance
Flexible start date
Up to 8,000 RMB per 12-month internship ticket
Xplores office in Hangzhou supports 24 hours
Monthly professional development of the Xplore team and other English teachers
Optional 'soft landing' program (£ 100)
- Prepare to move to Shanghai International Airport or Hangzhou Hangzhou
1 night at a 3-star hotel near West Lake
- Tours in Hangzhou
- Development Specialists
- Register your local SIM card and bank account

About our school:

Places can be used in the next step.
high school
high school
FPA Center

Model School:

How can I apply?
Please complete the following application.

Contact qualified applicants to prepare for an interview with the Skype UK / EE team. UU

More information: or E-mail Catherine Ryan or call 910-515-9731 (EE.UU number)

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